15 Affordable Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season

15 Affordable Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season

The holiday season is right around the corner, and if you are at a loss for the perfect gifts for your loved ones, no worries, we have the ideal items in mind. The presents below will bring on the holiday cheer, from collapsible shopping bags to personalized mugs.

1. Collapsible Shopping Bags

During the holidays we spend hours on hours shopping from store to store. A great gift during these times is collapsible shopping bags that you can bring for a shopping adventure. 

Know anyone who wants to do their part for climate change? Reusable shopping bags are a great option. Solid and durable, they'll make any shopping load feel lighter. The reinforced handles ensure no tearing, while the rigidness of the bag allows it to stand alone while you add your belongings. The best part is that it is washable and folds flat for more accessible storage.  

2. Subscription Services  

The best thing about subscription gift ideas is that they can be customized for each individual. If you have a friend who loves wine, it makes sense to go for a monthly subscription to something they love. 

It's a great way around a gift-giving problem by offering an individualized selection for every occasion; here are a few others that are good to throw in your retail shopping bags.

Movie: Know any movie buffs who's seen every movie? A subscription service might be a great route. Peacock, Netflix, Hulu, Discovery+, Disney, and even YouTube offers subscription services, sometimes with a discounted rate for new users. A subscription to a channel they don't have could be a great gift.

Music: If movies are not their thing, music could be another route. Streaming services like Apple, Tidal, and Spotify have endless music catalogs and occasionally offer discounts for new users.

Video Games: The last few years have seen a spike in video game usage, especially for those in the 35-54 age range. What's more shocking is the over 60% hike between 45-54-year olds. Whether playing video games or streaming games on the computer, digital subscription services start as low as $5 a month.

Trade Magazine: We're always learning and growing, and for those in your life who are trying something new, a trade magazine would be a great option. If you know someone just starting a new hobby, a magazine subscription on the topic could help them level up even more.

3. Scented Candles 

Candles are the perfect way to set a mood, whether it be for celebration or relaxation. Candles will leave your home smelling amazing and can put the ambient air all year round. Wax tarts offer scent without flame but do not produce the cozy feeling needed when you need some extra comfort after an intense day at work-so many options!

So head to your local candle and through some candles in your retail shopping bags for a fantastic gift.

4. Personalized Mug/Bowl

Who doesn't have tons of memories smiling back at their phone's camera? Why not turn those shots into daily keepsakes? An excellent idea for your favorite coffee, tea, or soup enthusiast could be a nice cup decorated with their favorite items, animals, a place to visit, or friends. 

5. Board Games

Not only are they nostalgic, but they bring out the fun. Depending on the game, they can strengthen communication skills, make you more strategic, 

think quickly and critically, or be a team player. Above all else, they bring the family together for a great time.  

6. Kitchen tools

Every great chef must know their way around the kitchen, including an excellent array of gadgets. For that friend who loves to create art through food, a new tool in their culinary tool kit can make all the difference in their next meal.   

7. Journal

We're all busy and constantly moving on to the next step in our lives. But with all the non-stop running, how many people give themselves time to reflect? A great way to collect yourself and your thoughts is through journaling.   

8. Plants


Plants are such a thoughtful gift. Not only can they boost your mood and eliminate toxins and pollutants in the air, but indoor plants can also help reduce stress and enhance an area's overall appearance. If you know of any plant parents, a new green leaf may be just what they need.

9. Comfy PJs 

Comfy pajamas are great for any occasion, especially during the holiday season. The cold fall and winter nights will call for some hot chocolate and cozy warm PJs to end your long day.

10. Custom Gift Set

Who doesn't love a great custom gift set with everything you love? Adding these few items to your retail shopping bag will make a perfect gift set for your family member or friend.

11. Fuzzy Socks

What is not to love about something warm on your feet when it's cold outside? The chill will be setting in before we know it, and what's better than something soft, comfortable, warm, and fuzzy? The best part is that they come in women's and men's sizes and can make great stocking stuffers. 

12.Throw Blanket

Nothing is better than being curled up on the couch under a soft and cozy throw. Whether fleece, flannel, cotton or crocheted, a nice throw blanket brings another level of comfort to relaxation. 

13. Tin of Cookies

You can never go wrong with a tin of cookies. Perfect for small gatherings or parties, they come in wide varieties, from buttery and crispy to chocolate with walnuts on top. 

14. Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts help relax the body, reducing stress and aiding in better sleep at night. Epsom Salt can make a great gift if you have friends who need to unwind and pamper themselves.

15. Oil Diffuser

If you are not a candle person, a lovely oil diffuser can help boost mood and attitude and give you an alternative ambient feel without the flame. Essential oils can relieve pain and congestion, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep, among other benefits. 

The holidays are when we all like to give and receive gifts. But sometimes it can be hard to think of the perfect present for our loved ones. 

Need Some New Reusable Bags for Storing Your Gifts? 

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So, if you're stuck on what to buy, don't worry – the above list should have you covered with ideas. So grab your retail shopping bags from Prime Line Retail and get to those stores to pick up one (or several) presents for your friends and family this season – they'll love you for it.