20+ Cool Ideas on How You Can Reuse Reusable Bags

20+ Cool Ideas on How You Can Reuse Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are a great alternative to single-use plastic or paper shopping bags. They are large enough to hold all of your items, and they give you the flexibility to reuse them time and again. But what do you do with them when they're not in use? Here are 20+ cool ideas on how you can reuse reusable bags!

1. For Storing Plastic Recyclables

If you have lots of extra plastic recyclables sitting around, consider using your large reusable shopping bags for storing your recyclables! 

2. As a Beach Bag

The large size and light weight of large reusable shopping bags make them perfect for taking to the beach. They can hold a large towel, a large bottle of sunscreen, a large beach towel, and lots more!

3. As an Edgeless Dustpan

Having problems dealing with your home's dust? You could also use large reusable shopping bags as an edgeless dustpan. The large size and large opening should make it easy to dip the bag into a large container or large trash can. 

4. As a Laundry Bag

A large reusable shopping bag can also function as a laundry bag. It's large enough to hold lots of clothes, and it has handles that allow you to carry it easily. This is an excellent option if you have limited closet space or want to be more organized with your dirty clothes. 

5. As a Diaper Bag

A large reusable shopping bag would also be a good option for a diaper bag. It has enough room to hold all of your diapers, change pads, wipes, and bottles. This will quickly turn into a must-have item for yourselves as parents!

6. For Organizing Small Items in Drawers and Racks

Have problems with organization? Use your reusable shopping bags in drawers and racks for organizing your stuff! Ideally, you will put items together that aren't easily broken, such as socks, underwear, and so on! 

7. To Carry Your Gym Supplies to the Locker Room

If you go to the gym before work, large reusable shopping bags can make it easier to carry your large items with you. Fill them up with your shoes, gym clothes, large water bottle, large towel, etc. 

8. Instead of Plastic Grocery Bags

Instead of plastic grocery bags, large reusable shopping bags are a good alternative. They can hold large loads, and they're easy to carry. You will also be doing your part in helping the environment! 

9. To Organize Small Items in Your Home

Want to keep small items such as toys, snacks, or even large kitchen appliances organized? Use large reusable shopping bags to manage them!

10. As a Bag for Dog Poop

If you have a large dog, large reusable shopping bags are perfect for carrying large amounts of poop to the nearest trash can. Consider dumping the waste, taking the bag home, and washing it so as not to waste your bag. 

11. For Washing Pets and Pet Toys

Large reusable shopping bags can also be used for washing pets and pet toys. Put bulky items in a large reusable shopping bag, leave the top open so that the large item fits inside the bag, and then use a hose or large bucket to wash it out.

12. To Keep Laundry Separate

Large reusable shopping bags are perfect for keeping laundry separate by color or type! Not to mention, you can also clean the bags themselves while you're at it! 

13. To Hold Shoes When Entering Friends' Homes

If you have large reusable shopping bags, they can be great for holding shoes when entering friends' homes. Next time you go to the house of your favorite germ freak, bring your bags with you! They will chuckle at your idea. 

14. To Pack Suitcases for Vacations

Instead of using large plastic bags for packing your suitcases, large reusable shopping bags can be a better alternative. They are sturdier, stronger, and will help you organize your stuff. 

15. As Packing Cubes

Large reusable shopping bags can also be used as packing cubes. It's large enough to fit all of your clothes, and you won't need to worry about extra packing cubes.

16. To Store Out-of-Season Clothes

Another large item that you could store in large reusable shopping bags is your out-of-season clothes. Just be sure to mark large reusable shopping bags for out-of-season garments to avoid having someone accidentally using them.

17. As an Alternative to Plastic Wrap on Food Storage Containers at Home and When Eating Away from Home

We have all been there before. You have this amazing dish of leftovers sitting before you, and you aren't sure how to use it. Simply break out some reusable shopping bags and take the food home!

18. In the Dryer with Dirty Clothes to Keep Lint and Pet Hair off Clothes

Not only can large reusable shopping bags be used for carrying large items, but they can also be used in the dryer with dirty clothes to keep lint and pet hair off clothes! Keep large reusable shopping bags in the laundry room to maximize your space.

19. As a Liner for Wastebaskets

If you don't want to buy large liners, large reusable shopping bags can alternatively be used as a liner for your wastepaper baskets.

20. In Your Suitcase to Keep Dirty Clothes Separate from the Clean Ones

If you have a big trip coming up and need some new ways to make use of the large reusable shopping bags you have sitting around, try putting your dirty laundry inside of one! This will help keep your clean clothes fresh while giving your dirty clothes a proper space. 

21. In the Kitchen to Store Food or Keep Things Organized

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Large reusable shopping bags can also be used in the kitchen. Put large food items such as large fruits or vegetables in large reusable shopping bags to prevent them from rolling around and breaking. You can also use large reusable shopping bags for organizing your junk drawer or large pantry.

22. To Clean the Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom and Living Room Floors

If you're looking to replace a mop to clean with, large reusable shopping bags can also be used to clean the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom floors!

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