Are You Using the Right Case for Your Glasses and Sunglasses?

Is the case you are using enough to protect your glasses or sunglasses when they are stored? Is your case travel friendly, or do you find yourself looking for a lens that popped out because you sat on your glasses case again? 

The purpose of a glasses case is to protect your glasses so they do not get scratched, bent, or broken when they are not in use. However, if you are using the wrong case, you may discover your glasses have scratches on them and are smudged so bad you cannot see. The right case can keep your glasses smudge-free and ready to wear as soon as you pull them out of the case.

Let’s take a look at the most popular glasses/sunglasses cases so you can make the right decision when it comes to protecting your investment. 

Hard Slim Sunglass Case

The hard, slim case is probably the most popular on the list. If you have ordered glasses from a popular online store recently, the glasses have likely arrived in this type of case. This is because it tends to be a cheaper option and appeals to a lot of people. The slim case easily slides into your purse or travel bag without taking up much room. The hard outer shell also protects your glasses from getting scratched or bent.

The downside to the hard, slim case is they are normally one-size fits all option. The case works for most glasses, but if you have the fashion or bulkier sunglasses then they will likely not fit in this case. Furthermore, you may need a little more protection than a slim outer shell depending on your situation. For example, if you are traveling, these may not hold up in your checked luggage. However, they will hold up well if you are carrying them in your purse for work.

Squeeze Top Soft Case

The case is similar to the hard, slim sunglass case above. It is smaller, less bulky, and has a low profile so it can easily slide into your bag without taking up space. However, there is no hard outer shell in this case, so if anything falls on it, then your glasses will likely take the brunt of the force. If you are looking for a simple case to protect your glasses from getting scratched in your purse, then this is a good option. The squeeze top also closes securely to keep your glasses from falling out of the case. The case offers light protection while keeping the lenses smudge-free. 

Clam Shell Case 

If you need hard, solid protection for your sunglasses then the clam shell is a good option. The clam shell cases tend to be bigger, so they can handle traditional glasses as well as fashion sunglasses. The construction is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about your glasses getting crushed if you accidentally sit on this case.

Since the case is so big, it most likely will not fit in your purse or briefcase. However, if you are traveling, the clam shell case would be a good option because it can fit in your checked luggage, and it is strong enough to hold up through customs.

Microfiber Drawstring Pouch

A microfiber drawstring pouch is lightweight and doubles as a cleaning cloth. They are also the perfect size for your purse or briefcase. Check out these eyeglass pouches wholesale options because of their popularity, so check out the different colors available. 

microfiber drawstring pouch and sunglasses

The downside to these pouches is they don’t have an outer shell, so if you drop your glasses they may get smudged or broken. The drawstring may not always close securely so there is a chance your glasses may fall out. Make sure to double-check the pouch is closed tightly.

Triangular Foldable Rigid Sunglasses Case

When you need a case that is chic and sophisticated, then you want the triangular foldable case. It has a magnetic closure to secure your glasses in the case, but it is still easy to open when you need to grab your glasses on the go.

The triangular shape is kind of weird when compared to the other cases on the list. It may be awkward to store because of its shape. However, it would work well in a briefcase or your luggage. It would also be a good option to store a pair of glasses at work because it is solid and would easily fit in your desk.

Soft Rubber Case with Velcro

This is similar to the clam shell case. It offers a good amount of protection without being as bulky as the clam shell. This case can handle all the different shapes of glasses and sunglasses. Many are made of a neoprene-like material so the case is durable. The velcro offers secure closure, so it is perfect for those on the go. 

sunglasses and sunglass case

It does have a curved edge so it would be difficult to keep in a cup holder. However, it would fit nicely in a glove compartment. Along with glasses, this case can also fit a microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth inside, so that is a plus. 

Protect Your Glasses With the Right Case

Make sure to protect your glasses with the right case for the occasion or outing you will be attending. Thin, soft cases have a small profile so they can easily fit into purses. If you are traveling, use the thicker, harder cases to protect against any accidents that may happen along the way.