Essential Items You Must Bring on a Shopping Trip in 2020

Essential Items You Must Bring on a Shopping Trip in 2020

Shopping used to be an all-around enjoyable experience, but in 2020 there are many things that seem to be working against the shopping activity, a reality which has left many shopaholics feeling empty. But just because shopping isn’t what it used to be doesn’t mean things will be this way forever, so those who adore shopping in person need not lose hope just yet. Instead, it’s best to just ride out the current situation, protecting yourself in whatever ways you can whenever you have to venture out to a store. In the following sections, we’re going to discuss some of the essentials, like reusable grocery bags and foldable bags, that you should be bringing on your shopping trips, for these will not only help you stay safe, healthy, and clean but expedite your trips as well so you spend a minimal amount of time indoors and around others. At the close of this article, we’ll also discuss where it’s best to purchase shopping essentials, especially bags, online in 2020. Let’s begin, shall we?

  1. Maps of Store Layouts

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Knowing store layouts ahead of shopping is a concept that many never thought they’d have to practice in real life, but nonetheless such is largely required nowadays if you want to get in and out of stores safely. Most stores, acknowledging the current situation, have posted their layouts online, and stores that do not have large online presences are posting layouts near store entrances so customers have a good idea of where they’re going before they cross thresholds and enter enclosed buildings. As most shoppers don’t want to be spending a lot of time indoors or around other customers right now, having a good idea of a store layout before entering a store is strongly recommended. Aside from ensuring you’re safer, this will also speed up your trip tremendously, and perhaps you’ll carry this practice over into your post-pandemic shopping.

  1. Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting wipes might as well be made of gold right now, for they’re some of the most valuable items shoppers can get their hands on right now. Bring disinfecting wipes with you when you go shopping so you can disinfect purchased items before storing them in your vehicle; undertaking the disinfection process in the store’s parking lot and not at home will be an extra measure in ensuring you stay safe. Need to take the wipes on the go, perhaps inside the store? A retail shopping bag will be needed to effectively store the wipes container; you won’t have to worry about leaks and lack of space if you use a high-quality bag, like one that’s sold through Prime Line Retail’s expansive online shop.

  1. Foldable Reusable Shopping Bags

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If you can't store your grocery bags easily in your vehicle, then you're going to have a difficult time overall shopping, mostly because of unnecessary headaches. If you want to make storing groceries a breeze, then it's best to use foldable reusable shopping bags. These items have long been popular, and today they are even more essential because of how serious individuals are taking their shopping trips. Foldable reusable bags are made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials, so they not only help the environment when you shop but also ensure you get the best shopping experience as well. Prime Line Retail’s foldable reusable shopping bags are second to none—order them online now to revolutionize your shopping!

  1. Hand Sanitizer

It’s essential that you keep your hands free of harmful germs, in the midst of a global pandemic and outside such times as well. But since washing your hands with soap and water is complicated without a sink, there must be other ways to disinfect, and this is where hand sanitizer comes in. Hand sanitizer can be easily stored in a retail shopping bag, and even the larger bottles can be conveniently stored in a foldable reusable shopping bag. Remember that even a little bit of hand sanitizer can make a big difference, so it’s essential that you don’t forget this disinfecting liquid anytime you go out shopping.

  1. Insulated Cooler Lunch Bags

You can’t go wrong with insulated bags that control temperature, and even insulated cooler lunch bags can make a huge difference during routine shopping trips. Shopping at a wholesale store for frozen fruits and/or veggies? Purchasing ice cream or frozen, microwavable meals before a long trip back to your home? It’s essential that you have insulated cooler lunch bags with you, for these not only ensure your cold items stay cool but also save you a lot of hassle as well; because you can store items easily in these compact bags, you don’t have to worry about vehicle storage or heavy items crushing frozen products. Insulated cooler bags are made of reliable materials, so you can expect to get many good years of use out of these bags. 

  1. A Smartphone

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Smartphones have been integral in the age of pandemic shopping, and smartphones, which were once predominantly used for scanning QR codes and looking up store hours, now provide a straightforward way to do non-touch payments, especially if you're an Apple Pay user or someone who uses Google Pay, PayPal, or any of the other popular payment processors out on the market today. Smartphones are also advantageous in that they provide shoppers with easy access to store layout, and the benefits of this were discussed in depth above. With a smartphone, you can also stay up-to-date on impromptu store closures and hour changes. Additionally you can call ahead to see if there are any coronavirus-related screening requirements at the store. Once you know what these are, you can make sure you go to the store prepared. Reusable grocery bags are currently not being allowed inside some stores, but this stance is not uniform across the retail industry; check with the store before bringing your own reusable grocery bags.

  1. Comfortable Shoes

As shopping today requires speed and agility (the latter much less than the former), it’s wise to wear comfortable shoes when you go shopping. Sneakers are recommended, though a beat-up pair of shoes will work too, especially if you’re someone who wants to completely disinfect when you get back from the store.

  1. Eco-Friendly Items

Eco-Friendly shopping products were popular before the pandemic, and during it they’ve been able to display their resiliency. Whether you’re using reusable grocery bags or foldable reusable shopping bags, you can’t go wrong. Eco-friendly shopping bags are built to last, and one can say with certainty that the eco-friendly shopping trend will continue to grow rapidly once the pandemic is tackled and consumers are able to shop with their trusty eco-friendly reusable bags again.

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