Everything You Need To Know About Kraft Paper Bags

Everything You Need To Know About Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft gift bags are the trendiest option for retail shopping, gift giving, events, showers and weddings. With styled details like premium twisted paper or jute handles with patch reinforcement, heavier, bulkier items can be carried with ease. The type of handles truly ups the value of the bag. They can be carried with style without the worry of breaking.

Kraft paper bags are durable as much as they are versatile; the plain brown kraft acts as a blank canvas for your company and can fit into any trend as well as any season. Kraft paper bags have a multipurpose use and are designed with a simple yet natural look in mind. The brown kraft style makes it easy for your company to add your brand’s logo, graphics, stickers, or mission statement. For extra detail, printed designs or patterns can give a promotional look to your company’s fashionable bag collection.

The eco-friendly nature of these brown paper bags with handles make the bags reusable, recyclable, and compostable. The recyclable nature of the paper content abides by bag ban laws that have recently been implemented in major cities around the country. With a concern for the environment, many companies have made the promise to go green and use kraft paper bags as a smart alternative. They are green as they are versatile and come in a variety of sizes, perfectly fitting your items for easy carry.However, if you are looking for something a little edgier, a geometric print can be added onto your paper gift bags to enhance your personal or professional events. These bags are decorated with foil stamped geometric designs that give the bag a contemporary look. Similar to the unprinted brown kraft bags, our geometric bags come in multiple sizes for multiple uses and are eco-friendly. Weightless and biodegradable, they are made of a lightweight, yet durable kraft paper.

Considering their durability and eco-friendliness, they are affordable for any company. Purchasing wholesale kraft paper bags are a great way to get any pop-up shop, boutique or startup company off the ground. If your company has already been established, using these bags for seasonal sales or promotions is also a great way to promote your brand. Kraft paper bags like these are the perfect items for customers to carry their purchases in and to store them at home. While not in use, the bags can be easily folded up for storage in the closet or car.

Along with brown kraft paper, there is also a bleached kraft option. A bright white bag that, much like the brown kraft bags, serve as a blank canvas for your company or can be used as gift bags that can be decorated. For the upcoming holiday season, many companies have chosen bright white kraft paper to create fun and festive packaging for the holiday season.

Whether you are in the market for a brown or white kraft paper bag, using this material not only gives you a great eco-friendly option, but how you stylize your shopping, gift or promotional bags can convey a sense of trendiness to the customer. When combining your designs with kraft paper materials, you create a design all your own. The high-quality papers ensure your kraft gift bag can be reused multiple times and, at the same time, simplifies the shopping and gifting process: Simply place your gift in the bag and decorate to your liking.