Top Tips For Long-Term Camping - Prime Line Retail

Top Tips For Long-Term Camping - Prime Line Retail

Whether you are retired and living the RV lifestyle or you have some vacation time saved up and you want to take a long summer camping trip with your family, there are certain things you may want to consider before you pack up all your gear.

Long-term camping is a bit different than just going on a weekend trip. You will need to plan in an entirely different way. For example, how do you plan your meals? Are you going to stay in one spot the entire time or move sporadically? What about your laundry? How will you wash your clothes? How will you store your clothing and other necessities?

These are just a few of the questions that you may need to consider before leaving on your trip. When it comes to clothing storage and laundry, using mesh laundry bags and garment storage bags is the way to go. Mesh laundry bags can store your dirty clothes and allow you to easily transport them to a laundry service while garment storage bags can be used to store all your clean clothes to make sure they stay dry, clean, and organized.

Let us discuss some of the top tips you will want to know before you go on a long-term camping trip.

1. Stay Organized

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When it comes to long-term camping, organization is key. You will want to take your time when you are packing to make sure you have everything you need and that you know exactly where to find it once you are away from home. This applies to both tent and RV camping.

 It may be a bit easier to stay organized when you are RV or car camping because you will have more space to store your supplies, however, with the right amount of preparation, you can be as equally prepared and organized for tent camping.

The key to staying organized is keeping items together that will be used together. For example, all your cooking and eating utensils should be stored together. All of your bathroom and toiletry items should be kept in one bag or plastic container. All of your medical supplies and emergency kit should be placed together.

After you have grouped everything together, then put each package of items in distinct locations where you will remember where exactly they are when you need them.

2. Store Clean Clothes in a Warm, Dry Place

No one likes putting on wet clothes. When you are packing your clothing, whether you plan to RV or tent camp, you are going to want to store them in something that will keep them dry and protect them from the outside elements. Garment storage bags are a great way to store your clothing to keep them dry. Each member of your camping party should have their own garment storage bag to keep their clean clothes.

When it comes to dirty clothes, you should have a place to store them until you can take them to a laundry mat or to a laundry service provider. Mesh laundry bags are perfect for this. When you are done with the clothes you are wearing, simply toss them into a mesh laundry bag, and when it is time to hit up the laundry mat, all of your dirty clothes are in one convenient place in an easy-to-carry bag.

3. Stock Up on Essentials

Before leaving on your camping trip, you are going to want to stock up on essentials. Depending on how remote your campsite is, you still should be able to go somewhere to purchase supplies that you need, however, you still may want to stock up on some essentials before leaving just in case you find it difficult to find a store or if you want special items that smaller stores may not carry.

If you are RV camping, then stocking up is easy because you have plenty of space to store items and you do not have to worry so much about weight. If you are tent camping and you plan on hiking into a campsite with no car access, then you may want to pack light and only purchase the absolute necessities.

Some examples of essential items may include matches, lighter, cooking oil, warm clothes, blankets or a good sleeping bag, a flashlight, a headlamp, batteries, dry food, and a first aid kit.

4. Make an Emergency Supplies Kit

To make an emergency kit, you will need a few select items to stash away specifically if something were to happen when you are camping. Maybe some severe weather comes through and knocks down a bunch of trees and cuts off power and telephone lines in the area? Whatever the emergency, it is important to be prepared by keeping an emergency kit at your camp.

Some key items that you may want to keep in your emergency kit include the following.

  1. Jugs of drinkable water
  2. 3-days or more worth of dry non-perishable food
  3. Extra headlamp, lantern, and/or flashlight
  4. Extra batteries
  5. First aid kit
  6. Paper maps of the area where you will be camping
  7. Quality sleeping bags and extra blankets for every camper in your group
  8. A high-quality multi-tool
  9. A solar or hand crank radio to listen for emergency services updates in the area
  10. A day pack that can hold a bunch of supplies in case you need to leave the area

Nine times out of ten you may have an uneventful and peaceful camping trip, however, that one time when disaster strikes, you do not want to be complacent and improperly prepared.

5. Locate Places Where You Can Purchase Supplies and Services

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Before heading out on your camping trip, you may want to map out the area and identify places where you can purchase additional food, supplies, fuel, replacement camping gear (in case something breaks), laundry service, the nearest clinic or hospital, and possibly a park ranger station or local police and rescue.

Having a good idea of where these kinds of shops and service providers are located before going on your trip can be extremely useful once you have camp set up. Also, if you are staying at a particular campground, you may want to call ahead and speak to someone who works on the grounds to ask them some questions about where you can purchase supplies and find these particular service providers.

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If you are planning an extra-long camping trip with your family, you must ensure you are properly organized so everything you need is easily accessible.

When it comes to your clothing, you may want to make sure that your clean clothes are properly stored in garment storage bags to stay clean and dry at all times, and when it is time to do laundry, you may want to have all your dirty clothes placed in mesh laundry bags to bring your dirty clothes to the laundry easily. Let Prime Line Retail be your source for your camping garment storage mesh laundry bags.