Why Are Reusable Grocery Bags Preferred?

Why Are Reusable Grocery Bags Preferred?

Why Are Reusable Grocery Bags Preferred

It’s getting harder and harder to recycle in the United States, especially since two years ago China ceased accepting millions of tons of recycled products. Lawmakers in the U.S. have to reconsider how they’re going to recycle now that they can’t send plastic bottles and bags, cardboard, and paper across the ocean.

To assist in the new recycling effort, many individuals are purchasing reusable grocery bags. These are great for people who don’t want to contribute to the ongoing recycling crisis, and they’re also reliable shopping bags that beat paper and plastic every time. In fact, many individuals nowadays are not purchasing these bags because they specifically want to help the environment; no, they’re purchasing these bags because they’re affordable, convenient, roomy, and sturdy. Their aiding of the environment is not intentional, though it’s helpful and much appreciated nonetheless.

If you’re interested in knowing more about reusable shopping bags, what they’re used for, who purchases them, and how they’re changing a handful of industries, read on!

They’re Affordable

People often associate going green with giving a lot of green; in other words, it costs a pretty penny to be environmentally conscious. This is not the case, however, and reusable shopping bags are evidence of this reality. These bags are affordable, with high-quality versions costing less than $20. And if you purchase these reusable bags from an online retailer, chances are you’ll save even more.

Hundred Dollar Bills

And just because these bags are affordable doesn’t mean they’re limited in appearance and application. These bags are appealing to both the eyes and hands, and they’re sturdy to ensure that the contents within the bag always stay intact and in place. Low price shouldn’t come at the cost of unreliability, and reusable shopping bags are built with this in mind.

They’re Convenient

Convenience is important, especially when it comes to shopping. How many times have you gone to the store and walked out wanting to pull your hair out? Reusable bags are ideal at the grocery store, mainly because you can walk in with them and use them as you shop. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about there being no bags for you at checkout. And don’t go for the reusable bags that cost a few cents next to the register; while these are doing their part to help the environment, they’re far from as effective as high-quality reusable grocery bags.

People who shop with convenience in mind also purchase reusable bags because they’re good for storing and packing. These kinds of bags are ideal for those who usually leave the grocery store with a cart full of items, and such is why you’ve probably seen foldable reusable shopping bags the last time you visited the local Walmart or Target. These bags are used by grocery delivery services as well, and individuals with even limited vehicle space can fit large orders inside their vehicles with ease because of these reusable bags.

You Can Purchase in Bulk

There are plenty of online retailers selling eco-friendly bags, though not all of these retailers offer exceptional deals on bulk purchases. Reusable retail shopping bags may be reliable, but it’s still good to have a few extra bags for backup purposes. If you can find a place selling reusable bags in packs of five to 15, and for an affordable rate, you’re in good shape. But remember to always ensure the bags are made out of high-quality and environment-friendly materials.

They Offer Plenty of Room

Premium reusable bags offer more room than traditional plastic and paper bags. This is one of the main reasons why shoppers prefer reusable bags over traditional options. Reusable bags provide more space without compromising on reliability, and this is something traditional bags can’t guarantee; how many times have you experienced a paper bag’s handle snapping or a plastic bag’s bottom ripping without warning?

There are various size options to choose from:

You can purchase an extra-large reusable grocery bag; these are chosen by individuals who work for delivery services like Peepod and AmazonFresh because they provide lots of room with reliability and affordability to boot.

Bagging Groceries

For someone who likes to be fashionable during a trip to the store, there are waxed canvas shopping bags; these are adored for their luxurious feel and eye-catching appeal. Waxed canvas bags can also handle 60 pounds worth of contents while providing plenty of holding capacity.

They’re Reliable

If you’re shopping for high-priced items or fragile groceries, it’s nice to know your bags aren’t going to give out from under you. If you’ve ever experienced a full paper or plastic bag ripping right in the middle of a crowded supermarket, you’ll know that such an event is just short of a nightmare. Paper and plastic may be cheap, but their low costs come with high risk of failure, and this is a risk most shoppers nowadays are ruling out completely. In the states where plastic bags are banned altogether, reliable bags have filled the gap left by cheap plastic, and many welcome the change as a step in the right direction.

Most reusable bags being made today are designed well and built using high-quality materials. Premium grocery bags that are made from recycled plastic are long-lasting, mainly because the RPET materials they’re made with are durable and water-resistant. These bags are also reinforced with stitching to ensure 100% reliability. Never worry about paper or plastic bag handles again and purchase reusable grocery bags.

They Promote Sustainability

As it was addressed earlier, the U.S. is currently facing a quiet recycling crisis. 2019 has been a year that’s seen 10 states pass or enact legislation that has to do with recycling. Single-use plastic bags are being targeted specifically, and at last count more than 200 bills have been introduced this year to get rid of these traditional plastic bags altogether.

Full Recycle Bin

The West Coast particularly is feeling the brunt of  the crisis, and such is why many living in the Golden State and elsewhere have decided to invest in reusable bags. There are various bag options for these individuals to choose from, though many go with foldable reusable shopping bags because they’re not only space efficient, as their name suggests, but affordable and reliable as well. These bags are also made using recycled plastic water bottles, and shoppers who use them often feel good about themselves for their eco-friendly choices.

In states like New Jersey and Massachusetts, efforts to curb negative recycling trends have been quite successful. Many residents of these states purchase at least one reusable collapsible shopping bag as a way to contribute to these positive and exemplary causes.

Where to Go for the Best Reusable Grocery Bags

If you’ve been searching for high-quality, eco-friendly bags, our selection of reusable grocery bags is for you. At Prime Line Retail, we value sustainability immensely, and such is why our products are designed with environmentally conscious principles in mind. Our bags are not only great for the planet; they’re reliable, affordable, and they can be purchased in large quantities. Don’t waste another day on paper or single-use plastic bags. Let us help you leave a positive impact on our environment!