Why Kraft Paper Bags are so Popular

Why Kraft Paper Bags are so Popular

Custom kraft paper bags have risen in popularity over the years, and for good reason. These bags are versatile, strong, and customizable. Furthermore, with the growing awareness of environmental protection and eco-friendly products, kraft paper bags have been at the forefront of the movement because of their eco-friendly production process. 

There are many reasons to love brown kraft paper bags, but first, let's look at how these bags are created and how they differ from regular paper so you can have a better understanding of just how durable they are.

What are custom kraft paper bags?

Kraft is a paper product that is made by chemical pulping, which results in converting wood to wood pulp (this is called the kraft process). First, wood pulp is made from softwood, which is done by the kraft process. The wood is pulverized and blended into large sheets of strong wood filament. The long fibers give the paper with strength and then wet strength via chemicals are for even more strength.

Sulfate is then added during the conditioning process to increase the overall tensile strength of the finished paper. This is an important part because maintaining a high effective sulfur ratio is key to creating the highest possible strength in the kraft process. 

The kraft process is unique because it creates an authentic feel while keeping the naturally brown color of the wood.

brown kraft paper bag

How is it Different from Regular Paper?

Kraft paper is naturally brown in color because it does not go through an extensive bleaching process like regular paper. Kraft paper is biodegradable so it won’t sit in the landfill for weeks or months before breaking down like regular paper does. Furthermore, kraft paper can be recycled five to seven times where regular paper can only be recycled about four times.

Brown kraft paper bags can be made from all types of wood, which includes bamboo and resinous pine. In addition, the chemicals used in the creation process of kraft paper can be recovered and reused, which makes it a more eco-friendly method than traditional paper. Overall, kraft paper is much more self-sustaining then the regular paper making process because of the types of wood used, how often it can be recycled, and the strength it offers. 

Reasons Kraft Paper Bags with Handles are Popular

As you can see from above, the making of brown kraft paper bags is a more environmentally friendly process that creates a stronger product than regular paper production. If that is not enough to love, custom kraft paper bags can be customized, used as branding tools, and to show your business takes environmental protection seriously. 

Excellent Branding Tool

Whether you own a restaurant, sell bottles of wine, or run an upscale clothing boutique in the city, custom kraft paper bags can be used on shopping bags as marketing tools. Customize kraft paper bags with your brand, logo, or an inspiring quote. When the customer leaves your store with the shopping bag, your brand will automatically be displayed to potential customers. The kraft shopping bags come in a variety of sizes so no matter what you sell, you will be able to find the perfect size bag for your shop.


To go along with branding, custom kraft paper bags can be designed with your unique trade in mind. Let your creative side shine while creating your kraft bag. Choose from different bag colors, fonts, and designs to give your business a sophisticated feel.

Environmentally Friendly

Being environmentally friendly is in, and customers are recognizing this now more than ever. It is important for brands to use eco-friendly products that reduce waste, such as the brown kraft paper bags. Since they are strong and durable, the bags can be repurposed or upcycled by the customer.

Ways to Upcycle Kraft Paper Bags

Now that you know the many benefits of kraft paper bags, let’s see a few different ways to upcycle them. 

Gift Wrapping

Kraft paper bags with handles can be used for gift wrapping. The brown color is neutral, so it can be used for any gender. Once the gift is wrapped, you can embellish the bag with decorations of your choice, which can be gold stickers, bows, or even a customized print on the front of the bag. Let your imagination go wild when decorating the bag for your loved one.

kraft gift bagBusiness Use

Kraft paper bags can be used as envelopes because of their strength and durability. No longer do you have to worry about those old manilla envelopes ripping or tearing because the kraft envelopes can take their place.


Who doesn’t love doing crafts? If you have a few leftover kraft paper bags at home, pull them out and start creating with your kids. Create paper lanterns by cutting strips of kraft paper and gluing them to a top and bottom anchor. Live candles should not be used with these paper lanterns, but they would look cute with a battery candle. 

Book covers are perfect for kids who are in middle school and high school. Covers keep the books from getting damaged and covers can be personalized by being drawn on. Book covers are simple to make by tracing around the book, cutting the paper to size, and tape the paper on the outside of the book. 

Monogrammed paper bag favors are great for goodie bags. Next time you have a party or get together, paint the letter of your friend's first name on the bag and put a nice gift inside. The gift could be flowers, a bottle of wine, or both. Either way, your friends will appreciate the personalized gift that was hand painted by you.

Wrapping up the Benefits of Kraft Bags

Kraft paper bags are both environmentally friendly and beautiful. Their strength and versatility is useful as a branding tool or for use around the office. Furthermore, they can be upcycled into personalized gifts. With so many ways to use brown kraft bags, it’s no wonder they are so popular.