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Extra Large Reusable Grocery Bags

Reusable grocery bags are made to make your shopping experience more pleasant with their durable double stitched handles. Their strong bottom-inserts help these bags stand on their own, which makes loading and unloading groceries effortless.

These are an affordable and risk-free purchase fit for several occasions. These can easily hold groceries for almost an entire week. These can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth due to the rigid plastic bottom-insert, making them ZERO maintenance bags.

Functional, simple and unisex design. You can choose these multipurpose grocery bags for the heaviest shopping trips as there is no compromise on the quality of the material used. These bags are useful for vacations, day trips, or beach trips.

REUSABLE: Choose these reusable grocery bags for bulk grocery items. They are extra durable and consist of a thick bottom-insert to withstand heavy grocery shopping requirements.

MULTIPURPOSE, STURDY GROCERY BAGS: These multipurpose, reusable bags are made from commercial grade PPNW fabric. Equipped with long, reinforced handles to help you carry heavy groceries without much effort. These bags are ideal for bringing food on camping trips, picnics, shopping, and storage. Buy these and they will make your life more organized.

SUPER STRONG SHOPPING/GROCERY BAGS: These bags have reinforced handles that wrap around the bottom of the bag with double stitching, which offers the extra strength to carry your week’s groceries. These bags can easily carry a load up to 40lbs

FOLDABLE SPACE SAVERS: Grocery bags are a must for every household as these are easily foldable and are great space savers. There is no need to worry about ripping these bags due to heavy weights because of their high-quality material and strong design. These will last with you for years

CONVENIENT FREESTANDING BAGS: These grocery bags stand upright because of the rigid plastic bottom-insert and stay open while you pack or unpack your groceries. Also, the bottom-insert provides the flat and sturdy structure to the bag which ensures that nothing will slide out in your car or kitchen.

All products are shipped via UPS Ground. Typical delivery time is about 3-5 days. You will receive a tracking number via email once your package is shipped and shipping is always free.


If for any reason, you receive a damaged product or a product different from the product you originally purchased, Prime Line Packaging will exchange your order with shipping paid.


In the event that you'd like to return your purchase once your order has been received, you will be responsible for return shipping in addition to a 15% restocking fee.

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