About Insulated Bags:

Insulated food delivery bags are eco-friendly and reusable. Our insulated bag has great storage capacity with a zipper at the top that covers all sides for full closure. It keeps food hot or cold for hours. These bags are rectangular in shape, have three layers of material and are foldable. You can carry drinks, ice cream, fruit and other items that require protection on the way home.

Buy a Wide Range of Insulated Catering Bags:

Looking for insulated catering bags with ample storage space? Prime Line Packaging’s insulated bags come in several sizes and make it easier than ever to carry frozen goods home without a hassle. The bags can be worn on your shoulders, are super easy to clean and can be folded for convenient storage.

Spill-Proof Properties:

The trendy insulated lunch bags are a great way to carry your food wherever you go. These bags provide full coverage on all sides and keep food items fresh for hours, without any modification of taste. These insulated catering bags are perfect for school, office, stadium stands, picnics, etc. The material used to make the bags are free from harmful substances.

Cost-Effective Eco-Friendly Bags:

Insulated cooler bags are available at affordable prices that range according to the bag size. These bags are also available at low pricing. So, if you have been looking for high-quality, reasonably-priced bags for lunch and groceries, definitely go for these insulated bags. Prime Line Packaging delivers top-quality insulated cooler bags that keep lunch and grocery items fresh for a long time.

Convertible Cooler Bags:

Cooler bags are used on a daily basis to keep food and drinks naturally fresh and tasty for a long time. Our bags are perfect for picnics, work and cookout parties. They are also great gifts for clients.

Why Choose Insulated Cooler Bags:

  • They are made of reusable material and are eco-friendly.
  • They are water-resistant and keep food fresh and at a temperature similar to the one at which they were stored.
  • They make your lunchtime accessories trendy.

Everyone loves insulated cooler bags for keeping food items at the desired temperature when away from home.