Coloured Paper Gift Bags
Available in Multiple Sizes
Turquoise Paper Gift Bags with Handles - 12 Pcs.
Available in Multiple Sizes
White Paper Gift Bags with Handles - 12 Pcs.
Available in Multiple Sizes
Metallic Gold Foil Assorted Design Paper Gift Bag
Available in Multiple Sizes
Kraft Gift Bags with Handles
Available in Multiple Sizes
Assorted Gold Wine Bottle Gift Bags
Available in Multiple Sizes
Assorted Plastic Party Favor Gift Bags
Available in Multiple Sizes


We understand that gifts must be wrapped to make them aesthetically appealing, so we provide custom-designed paper gift bags for every occasion. We offer a wide variety of gift bags, and they’re great for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and seasonal holidays. We also offer white gift bags that come with tags, and these are ideal if you want to write messages to your loved ones. These bags have twisted handles and are very easy to carry. We offer several sizes to fit a wide range of requirements, including extra-large bags for big gifts and wine bags for gifting wine. Shop for gift bags and gift tags with us and make every event special. We have a large variety of bags, including large gift bags, drawstring gift bags, and mini bags. You’ll surely find a bag to fit your needs when you shop with us!


The bags we offer are made of different materials, and our selection includes paper gift bags, reusable glitter bags, plastic bags, wine bags, and pure cotton gift pouches. We sell creative, glossy, shiny, plain, and printed bags that work well at a variety of special occasions—they’ll make your gift presentation fabulous. Every bag has twisted handles and a message tag so you can add a special touch to your gifts. Drawstring gift bags are ideal for jewelry and other delicate gifts. With us, you’ll find a wide variety of gift bags for affordable prices, and these are great for wrapping gifts for special events. Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and other occasions are made great with these bags.


Host any themed party you want! And with our help, you can give out personalized party favors and gifts that are wrapped in colorful, high-quality paper. Also, the drawstring handles on these bags are ideal for keeping gift safe and easily transportable. Stock up on these wholesale-priced bags now! They are easy to store and carry. Shop with Prime Line Retail and get premium-quality gifting bags for affordable prices!


Prime Line Retail offers white gift bags and colorful gift bags that customers love. We also offer high-quality paper gift bags, drawstring gift bags, plastic gift bags, reusable cotton pouches, clear plastic takeout bags, and general purpose bags. All our products are sold for an affordable price. Reusable heavyweight bags are available as well! Our bags are preferred because:

  • They come with twisted, soft handles that make carrying items a breeze.
  • They make loading and unloading items simple.
  • They are available in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Gift bags with tags can be used to give personal, thoughtful messages.
  • Our selection includes plain brown kraft paper gift bags that are great when used as personal business bags.

Buy wholesale paper gift bags from us. We will work to accommodate your needs and budget. We have bags that are ideal for day-to-day tasks. They’re also perfect for marketing purposes. Check out our vast selection of bags—you will surely find a bag you love!