Kids Keepsake Box Safe With Combination Lock, Jewelry Box with Drawer, Cash Box, Piggy Bank

Prime Line Retail’s rigid setup box with anti-scratch finish for boys is made from high-quality 1,000 GSM board wrapped in premium anti-scratch paper. These lock boxes are perfect for storing your kids’ personal items. Dinosaur print is perfect for boys. Other prints available. The convenient size of the boxes are perfect for accommodating small to medium sized items. Store everything from coins and money to other valuable items Our high-quality boxes with anti-scratch paper measures 9.5” W x 5.25” H x 3.5” D and can close and lock with a set combination. (Lock combination sticker on bottom of box.) Coming in a pack of 1. Boxes double as a safe to keep items out of reach and stored away, making it the ultimate multipurpose lock box for kids. Interior of the box has a top tray and pull-out drawer to keep contents safe and organized. Also equipped with a top flap combination lock for added security, our premium boxes provide a tight and secure seal, securing the contents inside. The combination lock makes opening and closing the boxes simple. Once closed and locked, the box secures the items inside. Finally, the high-quality paper material ensures these boxes can be reused multiple times and makes storing your kids’ personal items fun. Simply place their belongings in any of the interior drawers or trays and secure the lid. Set the combination to lock, and your items will be safely locked away. To open, put in the combination and unlock the box.
9.5x5.25x3.5 1 Pc.
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