Large Black Reusable Insulated Grocery Box Bags With Zippered Top, 2 Pcs. 14.5x10x10

To maintain the temperature and freshness of your food during outdoor expeditions, you only need these insulated bags. These reusable and foldable grocery bags come in a large size (14.5x10x10”), making them the perfect all-in-one solution. These insulated food bags have a sturdy zipper top that is zippered shut to keep the temperature.

The strong zipper and the handy straps on both the sides of this insulated tote bag make it easy to carry around. The reusable grocery bag set has a thick insulated layer. The foldable design of these large insulated grocery bags offers a completely hassle-free, space-saving solution for shoppers. Both the inner walls and outer walls of these bags are made up of commercial grade water-repellent material, making them super easy to clean. .

Carrying this insulated reusable grocery bag is very easy as it is extremely lightweight. When not in use, this can be folded and kept aside without taking up much space. These are perfect space-saving grocery bags.
  • πŸ₯• KEEP YOUR GROCERIES FRESH WITH INSULATED BAGS: Available as a set of two, these bags keep your food items fresh with extra-large size (14.5x10x10 inch). These grocery bags are ideal for shopping and are a must-have in your kitchen.
  • πŸ›’ GREATER STORAGE CAPACITY WITH ZIPPER TOP CLOSURE: These reusable, insulated grocery bags offer the ultimate storage. Next time you visit the grocery store, carry these insulated bags and you can place them easily on a flat structure (like large shopping carts or in your car’s trunk) due to their flat/straight design. Also, now you can shop for frozen foods without worrying about them defrosting.
  • 🚚 MAKE SURE YOUR FOOD DELIVERIES STAY WARM: Keep your food warm with these insulated grocery bags. Their zipper top and sturdy handles make these a perfect solution for the delivery drivers. When not in use, simply fold these lightweight delivery bags to save space and store them wherever you want.
  • πŸ– YOUR PERFECT PICNIC PARTNER: Use these insulated food bags for your picnics without worrying about keeping your food fresh and maintaining temperature for hours. You can use one bag for keeping cold food or drinks and another one to keep meals hot for an amazing outdoor experience.
  • Perfect For Transporting Groceries, Hot Or Cold Food & Drinks
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