Brown Insulated Designer Kraft Lunch Bag, 1 Pc. 8.5x4.5x12

Carrying food containers, lunches and snacks are made simple with Zenpac’s trendy reusable washable kraft lunch bags. Made with 100% recyclable, material: premium quality washable kraft, these bags are safe for the environment, strong, as well as water-resistant. The water-resistant kraft material on the lunch bags repels water and prevents stains, keeping your lunch safe and dry. Complete with an insulated interior, this lunch bag will keep your food items and beverages hot or cold. The heavy-duty kraft material makes the bags tear and spill proof. The rolled-up closure design is unique and gives the bag a “lunch bag” feel. Equipped with a hook and lop closure, the bag will ensure the safety of your lunch. The design of these reusable washable kraft lunch bags are simple and unique as well as functional. You can use them to carry your lunch and snacks to work, school, on vacation, or picnics. These eco-friendly washable kraft lunch bags fit your food containers, lunch, or snacks. The durable light gray kraft material ensures the contents will stay safe and dry. Measuring 8.5x4.5x12x4.5, coming in a pack of 1, these lunch bags can easily expand to comfortably fit small to medium sized lunch containers. Our washable kraft lunch bags are easy to maintain and are easily washable. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth and let dry.
  • ● HIGH-FUNCTIONING DESIGN: Made with durable washable kraft material, these lunch bags are designed to fit water bottles, fruits, and small to medium sized containers to suit your lunch needs. The light gray color gives the bag a high-end feel, enhancing your style. The top of the bag folds over with a hook and loop closure which is fully functional. The strong closure ensures the safety of your lunch.
  • ● SIZING AND MULTIUSE: Measuring at 8.5x4.5x12, these lunch bags can be easily brought to picnics, work, or on vacation. They easily expand to comfortably fit any size lunch container. Pack of 1.
  • ● ENVIRONMENTALLY AND ECONOMICALLY FRIENDLY: Since these bags are made from 100% washable kraft, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth and easily used over and over again.
  • ● HASSLE FREE LUNCH BAGS: Made from premium quality washable kraft material, these bags are strong and water-resistant with an insulated interior. The washable material on the bags repels water and prevents stains, keeping your lunch safe and dry.
  • ● EASY MAINTENANCE: The heavy-duty washable kraft material creates a durable, and tear-resistant lunch bag. To clean your waxed canvas lunch bag, simply wipe the material with a damp cloth and let dry. Cleaning and maintaining your bag will extend its lifetime.
8.5x4.5x12 1 Pc.
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