Coloured Paper Gift Bags
Available in Multiple Sizes
Red Paper Gift Bags with Handles
Available in Multiple Sizes
Turquoise Paper Gift Bags with Handles - 12 Pcs
Available in Multiple Sizes
White Paper Gift Bags with Handles - 12 Pcs
Available in Multiple Sizes
Metallic Gold Foil Assorted Design Paper Gift Bag
Available in Multiple Sizes
Black Holographic Paper Gift Bags - 12 Pcs
Available in Multiple Sizes
Brown Kraft Paper Bags with Handles - 10x5x13
Available in Multiple Sizes

About Paper Bags:

We offer paper bags with handles, shopping bags, merchandise bags, food-safe packaging bags and more! Our bags are available in all sizes and colors.

We work for customer satisfaction, using high-quality materials in each product. If you need to buy bulk white paper bags and bulk gift bags, you are in the right place. Whether you’re looking for plain paper bags or loop-handle paper bags, we can help. We have all types of bags! Contact us to get more details!!

Get Limitless Options for Paper Bags with Handles:

We have a wide collection of paper bags with handles. They come in various colors, patterns and sizes. Want to buy paper bags at a low price? Check out the many paper bag varieties from our inventory.

We provide shopping bags with handles for merchandise, bakery items and much more. No matter what products you are offering to customers, we’ll help you find the perfect paper bag for your needs.

We also offer tags for writing a personal note on gift bags if desired. Prime Line Retail is the place to go for eco-friendly paper gift bags with handles.

Design Your Own Custom Paper Bags for Promotions:

Paper bags with handles are perfect for marketing campaigns or special occasions. For a B2C business, having a brand logo or tagline is essential. They especially stand out on white paper bags. Our branding process is fast and easy, and while other businesses may charge you extra for those services, we always keep our prices low! Our main priority is providing quality services to our clients.

Low-Priced Paper Bags:

We at Prime Line Retail help you to provide bulk paper bags at affordable prices. You will find a variety of bags in our inventory, including shopping bags, grocery bags, gift bags and much more. Our bags are used in various stores. So, shop from Prime Line Retail today!

Paper Bags for Any Occasion:

We can create paper bags with handles for any occasion. We are leading suppliers and manufacturers of paper bags, offering an extensive range of high-quality, reusable, recycled and recyclable white paper bags. We also offer personalization. The bags are printed with various designs to create a unique style for gifting or business purposes.

Why Choose Paper Bags:

Give your customers an environmentally-friendly means to carry your products with our white paper bags. Single and multi-color print options are available.

  • High quality
  • Glossy finish
  • Can include message tags if desired
  • Cost-effective price range
  • Twisted handles for easy carrying
  • Useful for branding and promotional purposes

Buy these reusable, recycled bags now!!