Assorted Sizes Paper Bags with Handles

Stylish Kraft paper shopping bags are made by Prime Line Packaging. A total of 75 Pcs. come in one package; 25 of our 6" bags, 25 of our 8" bags, and 25 of our 10", and can also be purchased in white, as well. Kraft bags have sturdy, reinforced paper twist handles, which makes them easy to carry. The squared bottom keeps the bag standing up so you can pack it better. Customize your bag for any occasion. Unprinted bags serve as a blank canvas so you can customize them with stickers, markers, paint, stamps, and much more. Made from eco-friendly brown Kraft paper, these bags can be recycled, reused, and composted. Simple brown Kraft bags are versatile enough for events, retail stores, and boutiques. Use them as food service take-out bags, brown gift bags, or party favor bags. Each paper bag features durable rope-like twisted handles so you can carry your shopping purchases, gifts, candy, and other goodies safely. Kraft bags are durable so you can reuse them many times over. Buy paper bags in bulk for your business or birthday parties. Use them as favor bags or as gifts for your friends. Stuff the bags with candy, candles, self-care items, and anything else your friends will love. Paper party bags can be used to hold birthday gifts for girls, weddings favor bags, Christmas gift bags, or taking home Thanksgiving leftovers. These paper bags with handles come in bulk and are strong. They have a better load-bearing capacity than ordinary bags. The brown Kraft bags are blank, so you can decorate them with drawings, stamps, and bows for different holidays. Use them as birthday gift bags, shopping bags, or party bags for your loved ones. Kraft paper bags are perfect for any occasion.
6x3x9, 8x4x10, 10x5x13 75 Pcs (25 of Each)
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