About Plastic Bags:

Custom plastic bags are made of durable, clear high-density polyethylene. These bags have a soft handle with great strength. They can be used as lunch bags or for food service, shopping, groceries and much more.

Clear plastic bags are strong and can be reused again and again. These bags are a great way to spend less money and time while promoting your brand for years.

Desirable for Branding:

It’s easy to print your business’s name, logo and other brand-related messages on clear plastic bags. You can order the bags in any color, according to your business requirements.

Affordable Price:

Plastic bags are made from premium quality plastic and are affordable to buy. These bags are cheaper than paper bags. Buying clear plastic bags in bulk at a wholesale price is very beneficial for businesses.

Easy to Store:

Plastic bags are lightweight and very easy to use and store. They can handle heavy items and have a reinforced cardboard bottom to prevent sagging.

Durable Water-Repellent Bags:

Clear plastic bags are known for their strength. These bags are safe from chemicals, resistant to water and have less wear and tear. They protect stored items and are easy to carry. 

Buy a Wide Variety of High-Quality Plastic Shopping Bags:

Plastic bags are great for gift giving for any occasion or for businesses to use for retail items. You can even use your brand logo on these bags. These shopping bags are available in various designs and sizes. We have a huge selection of regular plastic bags or plastic gift bags that can be designed with your logo online at a low wholesale price. Just call us and design your custom wholesale printed bags today! We take care of each and every requirement of our customers.

Why Choose Custom Plastic Bags?

A plastic bag is the most effective way for customers to carry products. The bags can also be folded easily and are easy to store in bulk. They can be easily customized to match the changing trends in the market such as summer or winter sales or events.

  • They are soft and durable to handle heavy weight.
  • They have a square bottom with cardboard for standing up easily.
  • They are cost-effective with prices ranging according to the size of the bag.
  • They are multipurpose bags great for various gift items and groceries.

If you are looking to buy custom plastic bags for your business in bulk, contact Prime Line Retail! We can’t wait to hear your requirements!

Design Your Own Custom Plastic Bags for Promotions:

Custom plastic bags are the perfect way to market your brand and are also used for special occasions. If you have a B to C business, a brand logo or tagline is essential. We help you get your brand logo on durable plastic bags with a brand message that fits your business strategy.