Certified Organic Cotton Produce Bags with Tare Weight Labels, 6 Pcs. Assorted Sizes (8x10, 10x12, 12x15)

Modern, eco-friendly grocery bags keep your fruit and produce fresh. These ideal produce bags are a great way to store produce in the pantry or refrigerator. Made with 100% cotton, these grocery bags are organic and biodegradable. These produce bags come in a pack of multiple sizes of 12x15 in., 10x12 in., and 12x8 in . This versatile produce bag can be used at home or grocery bags on the go. They are the perfect item for storing small snacks and extending the shelf life of your food. These reusable grocery bags are machine washable and have a durable drawstring closure to prevent your items from spilling. These produce bags also feature color coded sizes and tare weights. . The color coding makes it easier to classify your items and calculate their net weight. 100% organic cotton drawstring pouches are the ideal grocery bags when it comes to sustainability and durability.
  • 100 % CERTFIED ORGANIC COTTON - Made with 100 % natural cotton, these grocery bags are an ideal option when choosing an organic and biodegradable pouch. Also nontoxic, these pouches can safely store your fruits and vegetables with the environment in mind. The bags also serve as a humidity filter to keep green leafy vegetables crisp and fresh longer.
  • USE AND SIZES - These produce bags come in various sizes of 12x15 in., 10x12 in., 10x8 in. Each of these produce bags can comfortably fit fruits and vegetables of all sizes. The produce bags can also be stored in the refrigerator or in the pantry. These 100% cotton grocery bags are the essential choice for carrying snacks and produce on trips or for storing in the home.
  • SEAL WITH DRAWSTRING - One of the main benefits of these canvas bags is the drawstring closure. The stainless-steel toggle lets you seal your snacks and produce securely without spilling, further enhancing the shelf life of your produce.
  • COLOR CODED WITH TARE WEIGHTS - In keeping up with modern requirements these grocery bags are color coded and labeled with tare weights for easy checkout. The colored tag of each pouch can classify your produce with ease.
  • DURABLE AND MACHINE WASHABLE To clean your natural cotton bags, simply place in the washing machine. The durable fabric quality of the grocery bags are not damaged while going through the wash cycle, and as a result, can be reused. The cotton fabric and double stitched seam of these bags offer strength and a long life. When looking for reusable produce bags, the best grocery bag choice is 100% natural cotton.
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