Did you know that 91% of the plastic is not recycled! Therefore, for the past six decades we have collected almost 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic! To put that into perspective, our planet hosts close to 7.8 billion people, which means there’s more plastic than people.

Did you also know that 73% of beach litter across the world is actually plastic? Research shows that about two million plastic bags are used up each minute across the world. This same plastic is killing more than 1.1 million seabirds and animals every year.

At Prime Line, we have decided to become an environmentally conscious company. We want to help our planet one bag at a time, which is why we created the best reusable shopping bags for our customers. Our shopping bags are designed to last many years.

We asked people what their concerns were about shifting to reusable bags. The biggest problem they faced was convenience. Most people don’t mind spending a few dollars extra to contribute to helping the environment so long as it doesn’t trouble them. Therefore, if you provide your customers with an option between plastic and eco-friendly shopping bags, they would happily purchase reusable shopping bags.

At Prime Line, we are proud to say that we brought forward a line of cute, trendy extra-large reusable shopping bags that can carry a lot of weight. They are ultra-durable and designed to last you a long time. The best part is that our bags can be easily folded to store away. Our bags stack easily, can be stored anywhere, and ready to replenish when you need them.

Prime Line’s custom tote bags are popular with our customers. We allow you to customize your order as you like. Once you receive your customized bags, hand them out to your customers. They will walk around with their trendy custom tote, eco-friendly bag, and show off your brand. We listen to our clients and are now offering our trendy tote bags on-demand.

We also offer clear reusable shopping bags so you can keep up with the current trends. Stay stylish and functional with our clear bags. Our giant reusable shopping bags are sure to be a crowd favorite, especially with people who need to carry multiple items in one bag. Our clients also report their customers love using our reusable bags as holiday shopping bags. People are getting creative with reusable bag options, so check out everything we have to offer.

We encourage you to also make the shift in being environmentally conscious. Help the planet and reduce plastic waste in the landfills. Our reusable shopping bags come in many sizes, colors, and materials. You are sure to find everything you need when you shop at Prime Line.