Kid's Crafting Lockbox

Nothing is more important to us than our children and fostering their imagination and creativity. Knowing this, OccasionAll created a unique lockbox for children that would help let their creative imaginations flow. Made from a rigid high-quality 1,000 GSM board wrapped with a premium anti-scratch art paper designed to withstand the day to day wear and tear of the most energetic little minds, these color-in craft lock boxes for kids are perfect for an art project on a rainy day or storing small to medium sized items like their toys, costume jewelry, small action figures, coins or money, collectibles and more. Each box measures 9.5” wide by 5.25” tall by 3.5” deep and has a top tray and pull-out drawer to keep its contents organized. The blank black and white boxes come in a unique Unicorn pattern that can be colored in with crayons, markers, pencils, acrylic paints, and more, and can additionally be decorated with glitters, ribbon, paper, and foil to make each safe unique and personalized. Each box comes with a combination lock that keeps the box and its contents secure (Lock combination sticker on bottom of box.) The treasure boxes also double as a safe to keep items out of reach and stored away, making it the ultimate multipurpose lock box for kids and their valuables. Holding onto the memories of our children is something that can be cherished for years to come, and a hand decorated safekeeping box makes the perfect keepsake box for their accessories, odds and ends for years to come. Keep your children and grandchildren’s valuables – and memories – safe and secure with OccasionAll’s children’s crafting treasure boxes.

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