Blanket Storage Bags

Zenpac’s compact, heavy duty clear laminated 90 GSM PP Woven zippered closure underbed storage bags are the perfect reusable, multifunctional option for storing any of your bedding or clothing needs. Coming in packs of 4, each blanket-sized duvet bag measures 23.5” long x 7.5” deep x 23.5” tall and sports reinforced stitched webbing handles, making them less cumbersome, more versatile alternatives to bulkier hard plastic storage bins without sacrificing strength. Designed with reusability and longevity in mind, Zenpac’s bags are the perfect organization solution, allowing you to replace costly disposable plastic storage bags in less-than-ideal sizes. Each tote is perfect for a variety of storage and moving uses, allowing you to neatly organize your blankets, quilts, linens, pillows, clothes, shoes and more in a fast, efficient, and easy way. The uniform design of the bags makes them ideal for quick and easy mobility and access from under your bed to your closet, attic, garage, or storage unit. When full, each packing bag can be stacked on top of one another to conserve space, while when empty can be folded flat to remain out of the way until needed. The durable laminated PP Woven material each bag is made from is water-resistant, helping to keep moisture and dust out of the contents of each bag under a variety of conditions. Clear storage bags are perfect for organizing your belongings, enabling you to clearly see their contents so you don’t need to upend your items looking for the single thing that you need. Keep your clothes, quilts, linens and more safe, secure, organized, and on hand with Zenpac’s 4-piece bulk pack of heavy-duty water resistant underbed blanket bags.

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