Clear Storage Bags, Underbed Tote for Clothing Organization, Durable Heavy Duty Strong Waterproof Fabric for Moving, College Dorm, Shoes, Blankets, Closets, Kitchen, Bulk 4 Pack - 23.5x23.5x7.5

Our Ikea-inspired extra-large PP Woven zippered storage bags are multifunctional. Measuring at 23.5x23.5x7.5" with a spacious storage capacity, super strong straps, and a large carrying volume, these clear PP Woven storage bags are a perfect and economical alternative for storing and transporting heavy items. Perfect for moving, college dorms, or storage. Coming in a pack of 4, these bags are also waterproof. No liquid will seep through to your items. To clean your bags, simply wipe down your storage bags with a damp cloth and let them dry. When not in use, storage bags conveniently fold up for easy storage. Our clear PP Woven storage bags feature a black zipper closure with black zipper tape. Simply zip closed to keep your personal items in place while moving, packing, or adding items to storage. Carry your items with the comfort of our sturdy and heavy-duty storage bags. These bags are equipped with long sturdy straps on the sides and back. Made with heavy-duty PP Woven (Polypropylene Woven), these bags can be safely reused and stored without concern. Finally, our clear PP Woven pack of four zippered storage bags are made from a premium strength material that is built to last. The clear material gives the security of your items while keeping them safe. Transparent design allows you to see what is stored and where it is. Easily find what you are looking for with ease.
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