Extra Large Zip Storage Tote Bags Moving Bags, Underbed Storage Bags Grocery Bags and Totes Compatible with IKEA FRAKTA 28x14x13 - Set of 4

Our Ikea-inspired extra-large frakta bags made by Prime Line Packaging are made from durable, heavy duty, water, dust, and tear resistant thermoplastic polymer called polypropylene. With a spacious storage capacity, super strong straps, and a 20 gallon/50lb carrying volume, these bags are a perfect and economical alternative for storing and transporting your items. Dimensions: 28”x14”x13”. The zippered frakta bags are the perfect solution for storing and moving items including but not limited to toys, clothes, shoes, blankets, pillows, etc. They are also the perfect bag to have when moving or organizing. Remove the extra clutter by storing these bags under the bed or in the closet. Equipped with a strong full-length polyamide zipper adds strength and durability, while sturdy seams and super strong straps make carrying your items easier and comfortable. These bags can be safely reused and stored without concern. Also compatible with frakta trolleys, for easier carry. The versatility of the bag and material itself makes them easy to clean. Rinse with water and air dry. The bags are also dust and water resistant, keeping your belongings completely safe.
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