About Plastic Takeout Bags:

Plastic takeout bags are made from durable white high-density polypropylene and has a squared bottom for standing up easily. They are available at wholesale prices and in various sizes. Prime Line Retail offers wholesale takeout bags for all your needs. We offer premium quality takeout bags, with or without logo printing to fit your specific requirements.

Wholesale Polypropylene Takeout Bags:

We offer lightweight large plastic bags in a variety of sizes with die cut handles for easy carrying. We offer plain white takeout clear plastic gift bags with loop handles that you can customize with your business logo or message for promotional purposes.

These large plastic bags are excellent for carrying everyday shopping items and are especially suited for restaurants, food service, retail stores, etc. Our premium quality plastic takeout bags are the ideal solution for businesses.

Easy to Store and Carry:

Custom plastic bags with handles are best for you to carry out shopping items. Choose creatively designed clear plastic bags. We have the right to-go plastic bags for your logo. These trendy bags are easy to store in compact places for further use without tearing. Get these premium quality bags from us today!

Durable Impermeable Bags:

Clear plastic bags are known for their strength. So, get these resistant bags to give your customers an easy carrying solution. These bags are less prone to snagging and protect stored items from outside elements.

Durable Plastic Bags for Promotions:

Clear plastic gift bags are perfect for your business. We can print your business’s name, logo, and other brand-related messages. You can go for a variety of bags according to your business requirements. We have a wide collection of shopping bags available at affordable prices.

We can customize these bags for you according to your business niche and requirements.

Contact us for more details!!

Why Choose Large Plastic Bags?

We offer wholesale to-go bags for all your needs. If you would like to customize these bags, you can contact us for assistance or to request a quote. We are always ready to assist you with the right high-quality solution for your business needs.

  • They are made from high-density polypropylene material.
  • They are lightweight and durable.
  • They are reusable and not prone to rips and tears.
  • They are available in numerous sizes and with custom branding.
  • They are free from harmful chemicals.
  • There are soft strap handles available.
  • They are easy to load and unload.

Order these highly durable, strong and clear plastic gift bags. Contact us for more details!! You can go for plain and simple bags or customize these large plastic bags with your brand logo or slogan for marketing.

Buy Quality Plastic Bags from Us:

Buy these quality bags from Prime Line Retail and give your customers the perfect way to carry things home with your brand logo. These bags are classy and are made from top-quality material with a squared bottom.