12 Pcs. Art Smocks for Toddlers, Children's Painting Aprons with Pockets for Arts & Crafts, Cooking and DIY Projects Washable Age 2-7 yrs

😛😛Every kid is unique and should be allowed to discover his or her natural talents. These kids art aprons will help them to unravel their creative sides and help them to enjoy their childhood. You can let them be carefree as they enjoy their parties🎈🎈 with their friends free of mess. Your kid’s clothes will remain stain-free. These aprons come in vibrant and assorted colors and are easy to clean and carry with you. You can use them in themed parties, Halloween parties and arts and crafts get-togethers. They are made to fit children up to 7 years of age and they also come with two small front pockets. One to hold their paintbrushes and the other to hold their art supplies. Also good for cooking and baking parties or just cooking with your little chefs. Let them indulge in some cute cookie making or pizza making parties and imagine their future selves. Note: You can wash by hand with warm water under 40 degrees without the brush; It isn't recommended to wash by machine
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  • 🌈 Colorful: These art smocks are made of durable non-woven fabric and are 13inch w X 19inch long and they also come with a 13.75-inch-long tie. They come in 6 colors and will definitely look vibrant on little ones.
  • 🍳Cooking Parties: Let your future stars explore their creative sides by giving them a free-hand in being creative with food and the kitchen. Play chef with your kids, they can be head chef and you their sue chef. Be it your kids’ birthday or just a fun get-together, these aprons are great to be used when you plan to throw parties with the kids.
  • 🎨🖌Paint Parties: These art smocks are fabricated to enhance the artists in your child. Let them savor the playfulness of their childhood in these vibrant colored aprons. These come in assorted colors and different shapes for kids of ages up to 7 years. Let your little champs play with their favorite colors. These aprons cling perfectly to their bodies.
  • 😊✨Easy to Wear & Clean: These aprons for kids are easy to clean, light to wear. You can also customize them using a silkscreen and put the names of the kids coming to your house party. Just tie the neck tie and waist band and your kids are ready for a playful session with their friends.
  • 🥁🎂 For Every Type of Party: You are looking at the pairs of perfect aprons for themed parties, Halloween costumes and colorful birthday parties. They look adorable on kids and give them a free hand on being natural and nonchalant. These aprons come with a front pocket which helps your kids to keep their paints, paint brushes and other materials handy.
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