Canvas Tote Bags Bulk

Prime Line Packaging believes in being eco-friendly and conserving the environment. Our 100% cotton tote bags with sturdy handles are perfect for storing fruits and vegetables while grocery shopping, storing miscellaneous items, and also perfect to hold laundry when traveling. Coming in packs of 20, these bags are also the perfect items for parties of all occasions or any type of DIY project. When not in use, fold flat and store anywhere.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Reduce your need for single-use plastic bags with our reusable 100% cotton bags. The biodegradable material helps keep your food and vegetables fresh for a longer amount of time. The size of the bag also gives your grocery items enough space to breathe.
  • VERSATILE: Our cotton bags are easy to carry for every shopping trip and fold up to store when not in use. The bags are perfect to pack when traveling or on day trips as they do not take up much space.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Measuring in size at 14.5x3.5x15.75, these cotton tote bags can store an assortment of items. The long handles also make for an easy shopping experience or can store 2-3 days’ worth of laundry when traveling. Durable stitching on the sides extend the shelf-life of this tote bag.
  • PERFECT PARTY FAVORS: Measuring larger in size, our cotton bags can double as a blank canvas to decorate as party favors. Craft items like fabric paints, markers, stencils, glitter, glue, dye, or vinyl heat transfer can be used on the organic cotton material. These cotton totes can also be used as gift bags for holidays or birthdays.
  • EASY TO WASH: Washing machine safe and low maintenance, these bags will come out bright and clean. These bags can also be ironed to eliminate any wrinkles.
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