Extra Large Insulated Food Delivery, Thermal Catering Bag, Grocery Bag With Waterproof Lining, Collapsible & Reusable With Zipper Top - 2 Pcs

Looking for super strong insulated bags? Your search is over. Prime Line Packaging’s insulated bags with sturdy handles make your supermarket visits easier than ever. Carry frozen goods and hot items with ease. They’re constructed of reusable fabrics and they have enough space to carry all of your grocery items in one haul. They have sewn sides and handles to add extra durability. Their matte finish makes them easy to clean and their fold-down bottoms keep your goods stable. Carry them on your shoulders and make deliveries without a hassle! Our bags come in various sizes to suit all of your needs, from grocery shopping to family picnics.
  • 🏋🏻‍♀️ Sturdy : Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be an experience that you hate. Reinforced stitching, waterproof/insulated interiors, and strong reusable fabrics make our shopping bags great for grabbing groceries or heading out for a picnic.
  • 🙏🏼 Foldable and Easy to Store : Fold our bags and bring them to work with you. They’ll fit on the checkout counter of almost any grocery store, and they can easily be stored in the trunk of your car. They’re also great for going to the farmer’s market, heading out for a picnic, or going fishing.
  • 🌿 Environment Friendly : Guilty of going through 100s of plastic bags each year? Our reusable shopping bags help you keep the guilt away by using reusable fabrics that don’t hurt the environment.
  • 🏖 YOUR PERFECT PICNIC AND CAMPING PARTNER: Use these insulated food bags for your picnics without worrying about keeping your food fresh and maintaining temperature for hours. You can use one bag for keeping cold food or drinks and another one to keep meals hot for an amazing outdoor experience.ore oddly shaped items and accommodates everything on your shopping list.
  • 🚚 Insulated Delivery Bags: Keep hot items hot and cold items cool for hours on end. Carry all of your items whether hot or cold without hassle. Their reinforced handles make them perfect for deliveries and heavier items.
21x10x10 2 Pcs.
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