Black Colored Paper Bags

Made by Prime Line Packaging, our stylish and functional black kraft shopping bags are made from 80% post-consumer waste, recyclable high quality black kraft paper and come packaged in bundles of 100 bags, ready for any of your needs. These large size bags measure 18" Wide by 7" Deep by 18.75" tall, making them the perfect option for creative gift-giving to your friends and family, merchandise bags for your customers and patrons, restaurant bags, party favor holders, or bags for everyday packing and storage use. Our kraft paper gift bags are equipped with sturdy patch reinforced paper twist handles so you can carry them without worry of tears on the go while maintaining optimal comfort. Additionally, each bag is constructed with a squared bottom for easy standup while loading and unloading. Our high quality kraft paper shopping bags can hold several pounds each, making them perfect for all your shopping, take out or crafting needs. For the creative spirit or the small business owner, these bags can be customized in a variety of ways, serving as a blank canvas to embellish with your businesses’ logo, or tailor to your own liking with stickers, markers, paints, stamps or more. Kraft paper bags serve as the perfect gift bags or shopping bags alike, and are a popular choice amongst retailers and restaurants, event planners and individuals alike. Each black kraft bag is versatile enough to accommodate any need or event, from gift giving or party favors to customer purchases and take-out orders. Regardless of your needs, the design of these bags and their durable paper twist handles give them a touch of sophistication while remaining strong when you need them to be.
  • CONSTRUCTION – Our stylish black kraft shopping bags are made from 80% post-consumer waste, recyclable and compostable high quality black kraft paper, and come equipped with matching sturdy patch reinforced paper twist handles for easy carry and a squared bottom for easy standup while loading and unloading
  • LARGE SIZE – Measuring 18" Wide x 7" Deep x 18.75" tall, each bag can hold pounds of gifts, merchandise, food, or personal belongings for spacious and secure carry
  • PACK OF 100 – Each order comes with 100 bags, ensuring that regardless of your business, gifting, or individual needs, you will always have a durable kraft bag on hand
  • MULTIPLE USES – Simple black kraft bags are versatile enough for personal and professional event and parties, retail stores or boutiques, food service take out bags, gift bags or party favor bags. The simple design of the bag created with quality in mind gives each bag a touch of sophistication while retaining its strength and durability
  • CREATE YOUR OWN – Customize your bags by branding them for your business or for your unique gifting needs: Unprinted bags serve as a blank canvas that can be reimagined with stickers, markers, paints, stamps, vinyl and more
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