Flat Handle Paper Bags

Made by Prime Line Packaging, our flat kraft paper handle brown disposable grocery bags are the perfect ergonomic option for grocery stores, delis, bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops, farmer’s markets, convenience stores, and small businesses. Coming in bulk packs of 100 and measuring 12" wide by 7" deep by 14" tall, each 120 GSM bag is made from 100% post-consumer waste materials and is FSC certified. Capable of comfortably carrying 6 lbs., Prime Line Packaging’s flat handle kraft bags are the perfect solution for catering, takeout and deliveries, simple grocery bags, and every day, over-the-counter services. Each bag is large enough to hold hoagies, breads, pastries, bottles, cans, produce, takeout containers, and a variety of other products. Our kraft paper bags can also be used by individuals for events, trade shows, conventions, flea markets and more, making for a resourceful option to carry items including books, magazines, t-shirts, clothing, accessories and more. Each bag is constructed with a squared bottom for easy standup while loading and unloading. For the creative spirit or the small business owner, these bags can be customized in a variety of ways, serving as a blank canvas to embellish with your businesses’ logo. Tailor to your own liking with stickers, markers, paints, stamps and more. Kraft paper bags serve as the perfect merchandise or disposable food service bags alike, and are a popular choice amongst delis, bakeries, restaurants, small businesses, boutiques, and individuals. Each brown bag is versatile enough to meet the needs of any occasion, including disposable lunch bags, food service industry bags, small retailer bags, take-out order bags and catering bags. Regardless of your needs, the design of these bags and their durable, high capacity brings a variety of uses to a traditional staple of paper bag.
  • CONSTRUCTION – Prime Line Packaging’s disposable brown kraft paper grocery bags measure 12" wide by 7" deep by 14" tall. Our large sized bags are made from 120 GSM, 100% Post-Consumer waste Material FSC Certified Kraft Paper, capable of comfortably holding up to 6 lbs. Each bag has a flat bottom so it can stand freely for easy loading and unloading
  • MULTIPLE USES – Simple color kraft bags are highly versatile in being able to meet any of your personal or professional needs. Their simple, well-crafted, traditional design makes them perfect bags for grocery stores, delis, bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores, small businesses, farmer’s markets, trade shows, conventions, and individual uses alike.
  • PACK OF 100 – Coming in packs of 100 bags, you can always rest assured that you’ll have a bag on hand to hold your groceries, produce, leftovers, or delivery and takeout orders wherever they might go
  • CUSTOMIZE AND PERSONALIZE – Each large blank grocery bag serves as a canvas to display your business’s logo or a personal design. Each bag can be customized to meet your personal or professional needs using stickers, vinyl, markers, paints, stamps, ribbon, bows, tissue paper, gift wrapping paper, and more. Each bag can serve as the perfect creative DIY project to enhance your gift giving experience, or prominently display your company’s design or logo
  • WIDE VARIETIES AVAILABLE – Prime Line Packaging’s line of kraft paper bags encompass both handled and non-handled options and include a wide variety of sizes and colors, from natural and neutral to bright and vibrant. With sizes and weight capacities ranging from extra small for jewelry and trinkets to extra-large for bulkier, heavier items, our bags are available and sold separately to cater to any and all of your needs

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