Cotton Flannel Dust Bags for Purses

Don’t leave your favorite designer leather goods, delicates, accessories, or prized possessions tucked away in the back of a closet, or left haphazardly in drawer a suitcase, exposed to dust and dander. Instead of risking scuffs and scratches wherever you might store your prized possessions, place them in one of Zenpac’s premium quality 100% cotton flannel dust bags for purses to keep them safe, organized, and always looking their best. Available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large, each pouch is expertly designed to fit a variety of different delicates you want to keep dust free and unblemished. Depending on the size, you can comfortably store jewelry, ties, accessories, mementos, keepsakes, belts, wristlets, wallets, clutches, and a wide range of purses and handbags depending on your exact needs. Coming in either a rich gray or natural beige with 3 bags in each order, the soft cotton with a durable drawstring closure ensures that you can keep your belongings separated, organized, and easy to find when needed. Each bag can also be used to keep your important or delicate items grouped in your suitcase for traveling and vacations, so that they aren’t jostled or damaged when you’re on the go. Each pouchb carries a sense of elegance without sacrificing simplicity and is perfect for keeping your luxury or prized possessions in one place. Simply machine wash with like colors and let air dry to clean your pouch and keep it looking as new and fresh as the contents inside. Always ensure that your goods are kept dust free and fresh with Zenpac’s line of gray or beige cotton flannel dust pouches.

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