Plastic Merchandise Shopping Bags with Handles 1.25 Mil, Assorted Neon Colorful Bags

Our premium quality, durable and waterproof die cut merchandise shopping bags are made with high quality polyethylene plastic that keeps your gifts and items safe and dry. Sizes available are 9x12, and 12x15, perfect for any size party favor or gift. The thickness of the bags are 2 Mil which are perfect for light to moderate usage like goodie bags, party favor bags, gift bags, or even event bags. Each package comes with an assortment of blue, red, yellow, green and purple colorful plastic retail merchandise bags. Other thicknesses and sizes are available. Our assorted color die cut lightweight shopping bags are equipped with die cut handles that are perfect for easy carry. You can also store your belongings in these bags to ensure they stay out of the elements. Another great thing about these bags is not needing to deal with purchasing individual shopping bags. Our premium die cut gift bags in assorted colors come in packs of 50 or 100. When not in use, these bags fold flat for easy storage. Prime Line Packaging’s assorted die cut gift bags are also made from durable and translucent colorful material. The bags give your items security while coming in handy for gifting, giving party favors, and are great plastic vendor bags. These bags for shopping are perfect for non-fragile items.
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Multi 12x15 100 Pcs
Multi 12x15 50 Pcs
Multi 9x12 100 Pcs
Multi 9x12 50 Pcs