Polyester Mesh Produce Bags with Tare Weight Labels, 9 Pcs. Assorted Sizes (12x8, 12x14, 12x17)

Made with 100 % pure polyester, these produce bags can be conveniently used to store and carry fruits, vegetables and other grocery items. These grocery bags are durable enough to be easily washed in the washing machine without causing damage to the fabric. The strong polyester mesh fabric ensures your produce bags will last for a long time. Your produce can be safely stored in the refrigerator while in the bags, extending the life of your produce. Our polyester mesh produce bags are equipped with a durable drawstring and toggle closure; there is no need to worry about your items spilling out and keeps them safe in the refrigerator or coming home from the store. Our polyester mesh produce bags also come in assorted sizes of 12x8, 12x14, 12x17 in. Each bag is color coded and labeled with tare weights (maximum capacity: 11 lbs.) for easy sorting. The polyester fabric creates an eco-friendly durable produce bag that can be reused again and again. Finally, these reusable produce bags are an ideal fit to store products, snacks or groceries in the car or in the home.
  • 100% Polyeseter
  • 100% Polyester - Our assorted size produce bags are made of heavy-duty 100% polyester, making the bag durable and easily foldable. Also easily reusable, these bags can be used every day with no sign of wear and tear. Fruits and vegetables can be directly stored in the refrigerator with ease. The breathable nature of the fabric extends the life of your produce.
  • Machine Washable and Multi-Purpose - Made with high quality fabric, these white produce bags are machine washable and will not shrink. The produce bags can also be used as reusable snack bags, or grocery bags for easy storage and transport.
  • Drawstring Closure - Durable drawstrings and toggle closure make for easy sealing of the bag. You can carry your fresh produce without the worry of your items spilling out. The drawstring closure also keeps your produce safe and dry from any contaminates.
  • Color Coded Tare Weights - These polyester mesh grocery bags are color coded to size and tare weights. Using the specific color codes, you can classify your items between perishable, non-perishable, weight (maximum capacity: 11lbs.), and requirement. You can also carry the bag that is suitable for that amount of produce you need to carry.
  • Multiple Sizes - The polyester bags come in three assorted sizes of 12x8in., 12x14in., 12x17in. These bags can be carried according to your needs and let you easily organize your produce or snacks.
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