TruFibre 10.35x8.35 125 Pack 5 Compartment Plates, 100% Natural Disposable Biodegradable Plates, Lunch Trays for Cafeteria, Food, Meals, Dinner, Bulk

Striving for higher quality, more cost-effective and eco friendly solutions to everday household and business needs, TruFibre’s heavy duty 5 compartment paper plates are the product of taking the best, most often overlooked characteristics of simple, everyday products and making them better. Coming in bulk packs of 125, each of TruFibre’s disposable trays are made from 22-gram bagasse, a sustainable and eco-friendly biproduct of processing Sugarcane fibers, making each platter entirely biodegradable, 100% compostable, and environmentally friendly. With their heavy-duty construction, each paper plate is both nonstick and cut resistant while maintaining a lightweight design. Each divided tray was further designed to prevent unwanted residue from leaking through the bottom, leaving unwanted residue on surfaces. TruFibre’s plates are both microwavable and refrigerator safe. Being both BPA and PFAS free, paper lunch trays are a common choice in the food service industry for their uniform, easily stackable design and their ideal size. Measuring 10.35” long by 8.35” wide, restaurants, food vendors, and catering services can use these compact plates for serving a variety of appropriately sized foods or dishes including breakfast, lunch, or dinner, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, cake slices, and portions of sides including fries, salads, pastas, vegetables, and more. Heavy duty paper plates are not only ideal for businesses and vendors, but are also a quick, disposable, and time saving way for individuals to eat their meals or snacks without the worry of washing dishes. Whether you’re a restaurant looking for high-quality, cost-effective solutions or an individual looking for easier ways to serve your foods, TruFibre’s 125 count bulk 5 compartment paper plates are the perfect choice.

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