10 Essentials of Dorm Living

10 Essentials of Dorm Living

College is a transformative time for young adults, one which often requires moving into a dormitory to pursue an education on campus. College students today are finding it more and more difficult to transition from home life to dorm life, and some studies show that unsatisfactory living conditions are a common cause of early student dropout, even at some of the U.S.’s most prestigious universities.

But there are dorm-living essentials like mesh laundry bags, high-quality bedding, and insulated cooler bags that can make the transition from home life to dorm life easy, and below we talk more about these essentials.

  1. Laundry Supplies

For many college freshmen, a laundry procedure is one of the first things they learn after arriving at school. Most students, especially freshmen students, share rooms with others, and a room full of dirty laundry is definitely far from ideal

basic laundry supplies

To do laundry effectively, you’ll need detergent, mesh laundry bags, dryer sheets, fabric softener, and a handful of other items depending on your preferences. For detergent, you can go with traditional liquid or pods. Keep a regular laundry schedule to ensure clothes are always fresh.

  1. School Supplies

You’re going away from home to study and earn a degree, so your school supplies are arguably the most important after the basic living necessities.

When it comes to school supplies, make sure you have post-it notes, a backpack, notebooks, a calculator, a USB drive, an eyeglass cleaning cloth, highlighters, folders, pens and pencils, and, of course, all the required textbooks.

Make sure you have necessary technology as well, including a laptop, a smartphone, earphones, and a digital planner. If you’re going to be taking an upper-level math course, you may need a graphing calculator.

  1. Bedding

One of the most common things new students miss when moving away to school is their beds at home, and this makes sense considering scientists have found that human beings can create strong psychological attachments to items they associate with rest and relaxation. Most college dorms do not provide high-quality mattresses, so it’s up to students to make their sleeping arrangements exceptional with premium bedding.

When moving away to school, don’t forget to bring pillows and pillowcases, blankets, a comforter, a thermal blanket for cold nights, a mattress cover, a mattress pad for extra comfort, and an insertable bedside table.

Keep laundry in mind when selecting bedding to bring: you’ll want to bring bedding that fits easily inside mesh laundry bags.

  1. Snacks and Drinks

You’ll need snacks and drinks in your dorm, especially since most colleges and universities don’t offer 24/7 dining arrangements—and any that do usually charge a lot for these services. And since you’re going to have your own food and drinks, you’re as well going to need insulated cooler bags. These bags allow you to keep food fresh and drinks cold, and this is why many students bring these bags to class, work, or campus functions.

There are other food/drink essentials you’ll need, including cases of water, non-perishable snacks, canned goods, ice, dry snacks, and frozen foods. Having a mini fridge in your room expands the possibilities for what you’re able to store.

  1. Reusable Shopping Bags

Most college students use the time away from home to try their hand at cooking, so routine trips to the grocery store are required in order to have fresh ingredients consistently. For this reason, a lot of college students purchase reusable grocery bags. You can bring these bags to the store multiple times, they save you from using single-use plastic, they’re reliable, and much more.

 shopping bag

College students who do cooking on their own may also find use in bringing insulated cooler bags to the grocery store—these are great for holding perishable items and those things that melt easily like ice cream.

  1. Professional Attire

You never know when opportunities are going to come knocking at school, and for this reason you should always have professional wear essentials with you. For a guide on what to wear and bring, visit this link.

When storing your professional wear, make adequate room so these items won’t get damaged easily. If your closet space isn’t ideal, consider storing professional wear neatly under your bed—you can always de-lint and iron pieces accordingly.

  1. Small Furniture and Fixtures

Small furnishings can really transform a living space and make it seem more homey. Consider bringing a table lamp, curtains, a small end table, plants (real or fake), posters, hangable lights, and other items that make you comfortable and at peace. Remember to adhere to all your school’s rules and regulations when bringing additional furniture to your dorm.

  1. Storage

Most college students experience tight living conditions at least once during their time at school, and for many this is during freshman year. But the secret to getting the most out of a limited space has to do with storage—if you store your belongings effectively, you’ll have plenty of open space to entertain friends and neighbors.

When storing laundry, consider using mesh laundry bags —these items are great because they’re flexible and lightweight, and they expand according to how much is put inside them. Also consider bringing reusable grocery bags for storing food and drinks you purchase from the local market. And don’t forget insulated cooler bags for storing perishable items and those things that can melt quickly.

  1. Gym or Wellness Club Membership

Staying healthy while in school requires regular exercise, which is why many students purchase a membership at a local gym or wellness facility. At some schools, however, these accommodations are provided as part of the tuition cost.

It’s been known for a long time that regular exercise promotes a person’s ability to learn well, and such is why many forward-thinking students exercise at least once a day in order to stay in peak shape both physically and mentally. Most gyms and wellness clubs offer special discounts to college students, so you should take advantage of these if it’s possible.

  1. Seasonal Wear

An academic year includes most of the seasons, which means students who go away to school must prepare accordingly for changing temperatures and other weather-related conditions.

clothes hanging in a closet

If you’re arriving at school in the fall, it’s a good idea to bring fall wear—a light jacket, sweatshirts, jeans, boots, stocking hats, scarves—along with you so you’re not adversely affected by the changing temperatures and conditions. If you’re beginning studies in the spring, don’t forget to bring sunglasses and an eyeglass cleaning cloth, for bright spring days have been known to be blinding around some parts of the country.

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