10 Tips for Making a DIY Gift Box Extra Special

10 Tips for Making a DIY Gift Box Extra Special

If you're looking for a unique and thoughtful gift, consider making a DIY gift box. A homemade gift box can be tailored to the recipient's interests and filled with items that will show how much you care. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can make a gift box that's extra special and sure to be loved.

1. Start with the Base Design

The base design of a gift box is the most crucial step when making a DIY box. You should start with a basic design and then add other details as needed. The initial plan will be the most important step in ensuring that your paper gift bags turn out the way you want them to.

Think of small details like whether or not you want a paper gift bag with handles if you want a box, and so on. Take this step seriously, as once you have the initial plan, it can be time-consuming to change your plans.

2. Consider The Aesthetics

If you're planning on making a DIY box with paper gift bags, it's essential to carefully consider the aesthetic design for paper gift bags before finalizing too many other details. This is because the colors, ribbons, and other finishing touches you choose can make or break the overall look of the box.

For example, if you're going for a rustic vibe, you might want to steer clear of bright colors and instead opt for more subdued hues. Alternatively, if you're going for a more glamorous look, you might want to incorporate sparkly accents. Whatever look you're going for, it's crucial to consider the aesthetics before making any final decisions.

3. Think of the Person Receiving the Gift

Before making a DIY box gift, it is essential to consider who the person receiving the gift is carefully. This includes thinking about their personality, tastes, and what would be most meaningful to them. By taking the time to plan ahead, you can ensure that your gift is truly personal and unique.

4. Buy the Gift First Before Designing

When making DIY paper gift bags, it is important to carefully consider what the gift is before planning out too many other details. This is because the most important part of a gift is the thought behind it. If you can't think of a great gift that they would like, then the rest of the details won't matter as much. In addition, this will help you get started on the box with the gift in mind.

5. Get Help From Other Loved Ones

Loved Ones

When making DIY paper gift bags, it is important to carefully consider the advice from other loved ones before planning out too many other details. Their advice can help make the design better by ensuring that the bag is the correct size, has the right number of handles, and is made with the receiver's personality in mind. 

6. Be Deceptive if You Want a Good Joke

Have you ever gotten a box that opens into another box, another box, and so on? These sorts of deceptive jokes can add quite a bit of fun to your gift. Be creative and think of unique ways that you can incorporate a joke into your unique gift idea. Perhaps you can make one package turn into nothing before giving them some traditional paper gift bags with handles!

7. Add Something that Reminds Them of You

Gifts with unique bag designs that are personally created for somebody are fun ways to remind them of you. They can be used as a personal item to remember you by and can act as a conversation starter when people see them. It shows that you put thought into the gift and make it more memorable.

8. Forget About Reusing the Gift Bag

Remember that you will likely only use this gift bag once, so go all out and forget about finding paper gift bags that you intend on reusing! Put some extra glitter on the bag, use glue that you know won't come off easily, and so on. If you want to make the best DIY gift bag possible, put your heart into it while paying little mind to reusability.

9. Give Yourself A Week or So to Plan

If you're thinking about making a DIY gift bag, give yourself a week or so to plan. This will give you time to gather the materials you need and figure out the best way to put the bag together. It's also a good idea to practice making the bag before you give it to someone, so you can make sure it turns out the way you want it to.

10. Wrap it Up Carefully

Finally, once you have your gift and DIY bag idea ready to go, the last thing you need to do is ruin the bag right after you have finally rounded up all the materials. Take your time when executing the gift bag idea and ensure that you do each minute detail exactly as you planned it. This way, you won't have to go out and buy new extra materials.

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