6 Bag-Handle Materials That Make Shopping Effortless

People like bags for a variety of reasons: they are multifunctional, versatile, and easy to use, and getting your hands on a premium bag has never been easier! With it now being totally possible to get bags from online shopping, customization is really at the fingertips. You can easily select which color, style, size, and design you want, and bags are only getting better by the day.

But one aspect of a bag that often goes unnoticed is its handles. This doesn’t make much sense, especially when one considers how important bag handles really are. After all, you’re going to be carrying the bag around, possibly for a long period of time, so it makes a lot of sense to use a bag that has comfortable handles.

But which bag-handle materials are easiest to grab and the most long-lasting? Knowing this information could truly revolutionize your shopping experiences. In the following sections, we’re going to go in depth to see which bag handles are ideal for shoppers nowadays, and we're also going to comment on how these handles can be incorporated in a variety of custom merchandise bags. Let’s go, shall we?

  1. Leather and Synthetic Leather Handles

Few materials are more preferred than leather, and in the case of bag handles this truth definitely applies. When I think of a premium leather bag, one of the first things I think of is somebody carrying such a bag over their shoulder or in their hand—and how could this be possible without the use of high-quality leather bag straps?

luxury leather bag

Leather provides an unparalleled elegance, and these straps can even be used on bags that are made of different materials to create a truly customized look. For those who want the visual appeal of high-quality leather straps but don't want to pay the price associated with genuine leather, there are synthetic leather handles that go great on retail shopping bags and a variety of other bags. Black, brown, tan, white, red, and maroon are some of the popular leather bag-handle colors, and if you visit an online bag retailer you'll see many leather bags and collapsible shopping bags on display in these colors.

  1. Vinyl Handles

Maybe you're somebody who likes glossy matte finishes instead of traditional cloth and fabric designs. If this is true, then you should purchase vinyl handles for the bags you use regularly. Vinyl handles are specifically good because they're easy to grip and sleek, making them both eye-catching and effective during long mall trips. You'll find vinyl handles on a plurality of bags, from duffel bags and food service bags to delivery bags and insulated cooler bags. When compared to traditional materials like leather and high-quality fabric, vinyl handles are way more cost-effective, and vinyl handles can be especially effective if you're somebody who shops with long-term use in mind, i.e. you want to get the most out of the bags you take shopping. Eco-friendly vinyl bag handles will get you many years of fantastic use.

  1. Premium Fabric Handles

Which bag handles are more popular: leather or fabric handles? The answer to this question entirely depends on who you ask, but in this section we're going to make the case for why fabric handles are best!

You can grip these handles easily for a long period of time, and at no point will they hurt your hands. Furthermore, these handles come in a variety of shapes and styles, so it's true you can really find something that's great for you. Fabric handles are also typically made of reinforced, eco-friendly PVC plastic, and this material makes the handles especially durable.

You'll find fabric handles on a variety of premium shopping bags, but it's true that these handles are most useful on collapsible shopping bags. When you’ve finished a large grocery order and everything is stored in your car, you can fold up these bags, wrap the fabric handles around them, and place them neatly in the corner of your trunk. These bags take up little space and ensure you get years of effective use. Purchase these bags, with their first-class fabric handles, online for an affordable price.

  1. Wooden Handles

Wooden bag handles? Yes, wooden bag handles. Tote bags have been around for at least a century, and this means that over the years designers have found a variety of compelling ways to customize tote bags. This is where wooden handles come in—solid wood handles are ideal because they're stylish, easy to grip, durable, and accommodating of individuals’ different preferences. Just think of all the great wood options you could make your handles out of: mahogany, spruce, bamboo, teak, maple, oak, willow—there are so many great options out there! Best of all, the different styles of high-quality wood go great with most premium bag materials, and this is yet another reason why solid wood bag handles are so preferred, not only on traveling bags but on retail shopping bags as well.

  • wooden bag handles
  1. Reinforced Paper Handles

The days when the vast majority of people rely on single-use plastic bags and cheap brown paper bags for both grocery shopping and retail shopping are going to come to a close soon, probably sometime within the next few years. This is in large part because eco-friendly efforts have been so effective at convincing large segments of the population that bad consumption methods are in fact harmful to the environment. This explains why reinforced paper has gained substantial popularity recently.

When most individuals think of reinforced paper bags, they often think of bags that can easily hold large, heavy items, but it's true that bags made of reinforced brown or white paper can also be used for a variety of purposes.

You can get bags from online shopping for an affordable price online, especially if you buy in bulk. Heavyweight paper bags are definitely a bag option that people prefer, especially those who are shopping with cost-effectiveness in mind. These bags are great for holding arts and crafts supplies as well as clothing items and food products. For temperature-controlled storing, you should use insulated cooler bags.

  1. Straw Handles

Straw handles are preferred by a variety of shoppers, specifically those who like eye-catching designs with the bags they use. It’s important to point out that straw handles, unlike many other bag-handle materials, are not great at holding heavy items, but it's also true that these handles are more visually appealing than most other handles, metal handles for example. Straw handles are easy to carry, but those carrying them for a long period of time may encounter some difficulty. It’s best to use straw handles on white paper gift bags or other retail shopping bags that are not going to be holding large weights.

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