A Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Mesh Laundry Bag

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You know how much laundry we all do in a week. It's enough to make us want to pull our hair out, but not if we have the right tools for the job. One of those tools is a mesh laundry bag that can be used in place of traditional washing machines and dryers when you're doing delicates like lingerie and swimsuits. But what happens when your mesh laundry bags start getting dirty? That's where this step-by-step guide comes in! Here are some simple steps to clean your mesh laundry bag, so it continues functioning properly.

1. First Consider Why You Use the Bag

Mesh laundry bags are not always used for carrying clean laundry. They also might sometimes serve as a foldable reusable shopping bag. Before deciding whether or not to clean the bag, consider how you use it.

If you are only using mesh laundry bags to carry dirty laundry, you might not see it necessary to clean them! However, if you use the bag to carry contents that could be ruined by bacteria and other gunk lurking in the bag, definitely clean it routinely!

2. Take Everything Out of the Bag

Once you have decided to clean the mesh laundry bag, remove all contents. This way, you can go ahead and get the bag ready for complete cleaning. 

If you are cleaning mesh laundry bags used to carry dirty clothes, just empty the contents into your washing machine (if you have one). You do not want anything else getting wet or ruined by water! Otherwise, take out all other items and set them aside until after the bag has been cleaned.

3. Add a Small Amount of Detergent

Add just enough detergent to the mesh laundry bag so that it is completely covered. You do not need to use a lot, as overuse can make a big mess with bubbles and even harm the machine! Swish the detergent around in the bag until it is well-distributed and ready to add in.

If you are cleaning mesh laundry bags used to carry dirty clothes, go ahead and add the detergent directly to the washer. However, many people might not have a washing machine and need to wash it by hand. If this is you, add detergent into the bag itself. 

4. If Using a Washer, Run a Full Cycle

If you use a washing machine, set it to run a complete cycle. This will help clean the mesh laundry bag thoroughly. For best use of resources, put dirty clothes in the machine along with the bag.

If you hand-wash the mesh laundry bag, soak it in soapy water for about 15 minutes before rinsing it off. Make sure to squeeze out as much water as possible so that the mesh laundry bag will be less likely to mildew.

5. Check to Make Sure Visible Stains Are Gone

Cleaning Your Mesh Laundry Bag

After the mesh laundry bag is clean, take a look to see if any of the visible stains are gone. If they are not, repeat the steps above as necessary. Sometimes, a bag may require multiple washes before it is finally ready to be used again. 

Once you have determined that all stains are gone, hang the mesh laundry bag up to dry. For best results, use a drying machine. However, those who do not have a drying machine will be happy to know that mesh laundry bags can be dried by hanging them in the sun.

6. Once Clean, Consider Using the Bag in a Cleaner Manner

Mesh laundry bags can be used in various ways, such as foldable reusable shopping bags, but one way to maintain their pristine state is by using them more cleanly. 

If you are using the mesh laundry bag as a foldable reusable shopping bag, make sure to keep it clean by wiping it down with a damp cloth after each use. This will prevent any germs from building up and making it dirtier.

If you are using mesh laundry bags to carry clean clothes, make sure not to put any dirty shoes or other items in the bag itself! This will help keep things more sanitary and prevent stains on clothing that might otherwise ruin them. 

7. Clean the Bag Routinely Thereafter

Mesh laundry bags should be cleaned routinely after each use. Or, at least each time it is contaminated by things like dirty clothes, grocery store packages, etc. Cleaning the bag routinely will help maintain its pristine state and prevent any bacteria or other dirt from building up over time.

Ultimately, how often you decide to clean the mesh laundry bag is up to you. Those who use a foldable reusable shopping mesh bag daily, for example, may find that they need to clean the bag every week! However, it is recommended that a mesh laundry bag be given a good cleaning at least every few months, depending on how routinely the bag is used. 

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Now you are ready to put your mesh laundry bag back into use! Just remember to follow these simple steps on cleaning it so that you can make full use of your mesh laundry bags. The goal here is to reuse the bag as much as possible and avoid the overuse of materials such as plastic!

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