Microfiber Pouches: The Best for Cleaning your Eyeglasses

Microfiber Pouches: The Best for Cleaning your Eyeglasses

When it comes to keeping your sunglasses, eyeglasses or protective eyewear clean, microfiber pouches are one of the best essential options to have. These types of pouches act as a microfiber glass cleaning cloth as well as a protective pouch to hold your glasses and keep them scratch free. Many types of glasses, especially glasses made for protecting your eyes while working are made from a polycarbonate material. This material lessens the chance of your lenses actually breaking. However, even though the material is impact resistant, your lenses can still be subject to smudges and scratches. Having a microfiber pouch is important in keeping your eye wear safe and clean.

The construction of the microfiber sunglass pouch has high-quality drawstring closures, durable double stitched seams and is made from a stretchable microfiber material that can come in a wide variety of colors and prints. The microfiber material itself is stretchable, washable and can also be used to fit all styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses. The microfiber fabric can also double as an eyeglass cleaning cloth to wipe dust and fingerprints off the lenses while protecting them from scratches.

Many microfiber pouches come in a multi pack or a multicolored pack, which makes storage and organization easy. With multicolored microfiber pouches, there is no need to waste time digging around for your glasses in your suitcase, travel bag, or car. Color coded pouches make it easy to keep all of your necessary eye wear organized. Color-coding your glasses makes it easier to grab them at a glance. Since the pouches themselves are small in size, they are the perfect item to travel with or keep in your car, office, gym bag or at home. Making sure you have a microfiber pouch will save your eye wear of all types from getting scratched, dusty or smudged.

For security, the drawstring closure on the microfiber pouches can be cinched closed to make sure your glasses or protective eye wear stay scratch and dust free. It’s also important to remember how to properly clean your glasses. Many types of eyeglass and sunglass lenses are prone to scratching when not cleaned properly. This is actually one of the biggest reasons why lenses become scratched or smudged.

Below are a few tips and tricks on how to properly clean your eye wear:

  • Gently remove any excess dirt or debris from your lenses.
  • Rinse your lenses under water,  use a cleaning spray or lens wipes and gently wipe both sides of your glasses.
  • Finally, wipe your lenses dry with a soft microfiber cloth to remove excess streaks or cleaning solution.

When cleaning your sunglasses or eyeglasses with a microfiber pouch or cleaning cloth, it’s important to also include your frames in the process. Considering dirt and debris can often collect in the corners of the frames, it’s important to also use a soft bristle brush for those hard to reach areas.

Following the essential steps above when cleaning your eyeglasses, sunglasses or protective glasses can extend the life of your necessary eye wear, saving you money on future purchases. Having a proper eye wear cleaning method is especially important for those who work in construction zones or wear protective eyewear when biking or participating in sports. Cleaning your eye wear with a microfiber pouch or cloth can drastically improve visibility and keep foreign objects like dust or dirt out of your eyes.