Reasons You Should Use a Reusable Shopping Bag

In 2018, there were 5.6 million tons of plastic dumped into the landfill. As much as 91 percent of plastic isn’t even recycled. As more and more plastic is dumped into the landfills each day, it is time to think about switching to reusable bags. It affects our oceans, climate, animals, and humans alike.

So what can we do? Use a reusable shopping bag to start. There are many other reasons to use a reusable shopping bag which we cover later. If you haven’t switched to large reusable shopping bags yet, then now is the time.


Not only are reusable shopping bags good for the environment but they are versatile. After you are done shopping for groceries with your bag, you can use them to carry your personal items for the rest of your errands. For example, if you have to run to the farmer’s market, just put your wallet in your reusable bag so it is easy to grab while you shop at the market.

Perfect for Traveling

Are you heading on a road trip or spending the weekend away from home? A reusable shopping bag works well for short trips and keeping your items contained during road trips. The large reusable shopping bags have room for a change of clothes, headphones, wallet, chargers, e-readers, and anything else you need to bring along.

If you are traveling further distances, such as on a plane, the reusable shopping bags make perfect carry-on or personal item bags. Once you get to your destination, your travel bag quickly turns into a beach bag where you can carry your bathing suit, sunscreen, book, headphones, and anything else you may need while soaking up some rays.

 sunscreen and sunglasses on the beach

When you are done at the beach, empty the bag and use it for shopping around town. It will easily hold your souvenirs or other goodies you find nearby. Using the bag for multiple things means you don’t have to pack multiple bags. Instead of packing three different bags to use throughout the day, you can simply use your one reusable shopping bag in a variety of ways.

Handle Heavy Items

If you are worried about a paper bag breaking or a plastic bag not being big enough to hold your items, then use a reusable bag. The bags are made of high-quality material that is designed to handle heavy loads. Even if you have sharp items, they won’t penetrate the fabric. The handles are tightly sewn into the bag so you don’t have to worry about them breaking either.

Plastic Bags Live Forever

Every plastic bag you have used is probably still somewhere on this planet because they don’t decompose. It takes 500 or more years for plastic bags to break down in a landfill. Even then, they don’t completely break down, they just become microplastics that absorb toxins and pollute the environment.


If you have to carry your items up three flights of stairs, or even from your car to your house, the plastic bags can dig into your hands and fingers. Reusable shopping bags have larger handles made from better material so you can more comfortably carry them for longer distances. If you need to carry more than one at a time then sling a couple over your shoulder, hold some in your hand, and you are good to go.

More Sanitary

Are you concerned about germs? Plastic bags sit in unhygienic places before they are given out to the public. Do you really want your food touching the plastic bags? Or even your hands? It is hard to clean and sanitize plastic bags, so they just don’t get cleaned.

However, reusable shopping bags are easily cleaned in the washer and can be hung up to dry. After you wash your bag you are certain it is sanitized to your standards and you aren’t bringing any germs home to your family.

No Leaking

Accidents happen. Sometimes you get home from the store to discover your dish soap has leaked all over the back of your car or soda has sprung a leak and is all over your bags. Plastic bags don’t contain leaks. In fact, they can make it worse because of how shallow they are.

Large reusable shopping bags help contain your leaks and make for easy cleanup. Since the bags are deeper, the leak is more likely to be contained in the bottom of the bag. When you need to clean the bag, just dry it off with a paper towel and then wash it in the washing machine.

reusable shopping bags sitting on the ground

Easy Storage

Do you have a pile of plastic bags you swear you will use someday? But that collection started five years ago? By now you are probably sick of looking at all of those plastic bags you thought you would use but never did. Instead of piling them up in hopes to use them someday, use reusable shopping bags. These fold up to store neatly in your closet or pantry. Since you need less of them to carry your items, they take up less room than your plastic bags.

Switch to Reusable Shopping Bags

It is time to make the smart decision and switch to reusable shopping bags. Not only are they good for the environment, but they contain leaks, fold up for easy storage, and can be used in many different ways. Our reusable shopping bags come in many colors and designs so see what we have to offer today!