What Gift-Givers Are Doing to Make Summertime Special

What Gift-Givers Are Doing to Make Summertime Special

Whether it's a picnic at a local playground or a cookout or backyard bonfire, there are many fun activities that individuals can enjoy once the summertime rolls around. It’s also true that a wide variety of parties can be held at this time of year, and therefore it should come as no surprise that summertime gift giving is quite important to a lot of cultures and many people.

If you want to make your summer gift giving experiences memorable and worthwhile, you’ll have to know which high-quality paper gift bags to buy, which wrapping and tissue papers are best, and what color schemes and bow designs your gift recipients enjoy. In the following sections, we’re going to examine what gift givers are doing this summertime season to make their gift giving experiences extra special. We’ll also focus on how you can use reusable gift bags and other high-quality gift giving essentials to create long-lasting memories and first-rate experiences this summer. Let’s begin, shall we?

  1. You Can’t Go Wrong With Summer Colors

summer color scheme

Individuals are often very concerned with the colors of the items they’re given, in large part because many view color selection as a marker of uniqueness, and therefore gift recipients feel extra special when the gifts they’re given are wrapped and/or carried in gift bags that proudly boast their favorite colors. For those who are giving gifts in the summertime, there are a variety of colors you can consider. For example:

  • Fiesta Orange
  • Jester Red
  • Turmeric
  • Living Coral
  • Pink Peacock
  • Pepper Stem
  • Aspen Gold
  • Princess Blue
  • Sweet Lilac
  • Terrarium Moss
  • Mango Mojito
  • Toffee
  • Soybean
  • Eclipse
  • Sweet Corn
  • Brown Granite

These are just some of the popular summertime color options that many gift givers are considering currently. That you can mix and match these colors and also coordinate your tissue paper, bows, and ribbons accordingly to make the best summertime-themed gifts is probably what gift givers find most appealing. Your gift recipients will love receiving high-value or meaningful items in colorful, unique plastic gift bags.

  1. Embracing Outdoor Themes and Sunshine-Filled Days

There are many popular summertime activities that individuals can base their gift themes off. For example, if you're getting a gift for somebody who loves the outdoors and throws cookouts frequently from Memorial Day to Labor Day, then it's wise to theme your gift around barbecuing, grilling, and spending time outdoors with friends and family. Likewise, if you're shopping for somebody who can be found five out of the seven days of the week at the beach during the summer months, then it's wise to include light blues, sand colors, and other aspects of the beach in your gift giving arrangement to show the person that you're well aware of the things they enjoy most.

Those who enjoy summertime sports love getting gifts that are themed to highlight their favorite activities, and this is why you'll find a lot of baseball- and soccer-themed gifts, especially for children, during the summertime months. The key is to understand the importance of theming and how individuals react to it. If you give a gift that embraces a theme which the gift recipient enjoys wholeheartedly, then your gift is very likely to be received well, memorable, and worthy of warranting a gift in return.

  1. Shopping for Children in the Summertime

Shopping for children in the summertime can present some challenges, though there are a few “safe” summertime gift ideas that all children can enjoy. For example, you can give:

  • Beach towels
  • Bathing suits
  • Sports equipment
  • Chalk
  • Eyeglass cleaning cloths
  • Beach supplies
  • Camping gear
  • Hiking equipment
  • Books
  • Apparel

Remember that the majority of children love receiving gifts that they can open. There are, however, a fair amount of children who appreciate the simplicity that is unique to high-quality paper gift bags. It’s wise to know in advance whether the little ones you're shopping for like ripping open specialty gift boxes or sifting through soft, luscious summer-themed tissue paper to find the gifts they’ll enjoy.

  1. Consider Using Eco-Friendly Gift Giving Supplies to Send a Good Message

summer-themed gift basket

The summertime shopping season is one of the busiest of the year, which means thousands of tons of paper and plastic are used each year to meet consumer demands around the globe. The environment pays the price as a result, and it’s a sad, unfortunate truth that the summertime season—regarded as one of the best and brightest by many—is one of the worst for the environment. With so many shoppers relying on single-use plastic and cheap paper, there aren’t enough recycling strategies in the world to combat all this excess. It’s a good thing that many states are getting with the times and banning single-use plastic from being used in retail settings, but the world is going to have to suffer through many more costly seasons before such sustainable living is promoted on an international level.

Individuals can still play valuable roles this summertime season by using eco-friendly plastic gift bags. Affordable, lightweight, reliable, trendy, easy-to-carry, and eco-friendly, these bags are great for environmentally-conscious people who want to make a statement this summertime gift giving season.

When you give someone a thoughtful gift in a high-quality gift bag that’s not harmful to the environment, you may very well pass on your love for sustainability to the gift’s recipient. This microfiber sunglass pouch is a great eco-friendly gift!

  1. Consider The time of summer you’ll be gift giving during

The summer that first comes in June is often quite different from the summer that leaves in late August, and for this reason one must customize the gifts they’re giving so that they effectively embody the time of season they’re given at. After all, you can't be showing up to a Fourth of July party with a gift that was tailored for Memorial Day; while the two holidays are similar, there are subtle differences that people appreciate, and you can't look as though you weren't prepared for giving the gift at the right time of season.

  1. Why Plastic Gift Bags Are a Must in the Summer

plastic gift bags

Stay Away from traditional boxes if you can. While boxes used to be popular for gift-giving, today they’ve fallen out of favor. Boxes are cumbersome, and many of them are not as reliable as they seem. Plastic gift bags beat gift boxes every time, especially in the realm of elegance. A luxurious gift box is nothing special when it’s flattened by the weight of multiple boxes that are stacked on top of it. Plastic gift bags, on the other hand, are always elegant.

Where to Get First-Rate Summertime Gift Giving Essentials Online

Visit Prime Line Retail’s expansive online store if you’re looking to create lasting and heartwarming memories this summertime season through gift giving. Whether you’re celebrating a child’s birthday or cooking out because of a summertime holiday, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Consider contacting us so you can discuss your unique requirements and preferences—we’re always looking to accommodate!