Make Shopping Trips Quick and Easy With These Tips

Make Shopping Trips Quick and Easy With These Tips

There are some tasks in life that human beings will be doing as long as they exist on earth, and many assert that grocery shopping is one such task. The majority of individuals out there have made shopping a regular part of their weekly routine, and even in a world where online shopping is quite popular there are still studies which find that many individuals love shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, and these individuals don’t see their views changing anytime soon.

But with the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions being enforced around the world to curb its spread, the way most people shop has been significantly disrupted. In the following sections, we are going to talk about some shopping tips that you can use today to make your trips to the mall and/or grocery store simple, safe, and quick. Purchase bags from online shopping and store these in your vehicle so you have uncontaminated storage available when you come out of the mall or supermarket.

  1. Be Prepared Before You Go Shopping

While it was previously important for individuals to be prepared before visiting the grocery store, boutique, or shopping mall, nowadays many can't afford to go to the store unprepared. Along with creating an organized list, one that's separated into sections, it's wise for individuals to look up store floor plans so they can map out where they need to go in advance. Fortunately, these floor plans can be easily accessed online, especially now since many stores and supermarkets are acknowledging how valuable they are during the current crisis.

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  1. Go When There’s Not High Shopper Volume

It's advisable to go shopping when there's low shopper volume at the store. While some stores are designating certain store hours specifically for seniors, there are others that are tweaking their hours so they can better accommodate shoppers in the current situation.

To have the most success, it’s wise to go shopping close to when the store first opens in the morning. Load up your car with insulated cooler bags, plastic shopping bags, cleaning products, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, and all the other things you're going to need when you come out from the grocery store. While most stores are not permitting shoppers to bring retail shopping bags within their stores, you can have these waiting outside in your car.

Once you get outside, transport what you bought from the store into these bags so you don't have to bring the store’s single-use plastic bags inside your home. By doing things this way, you can also do the disinfection process right in the store parking lot. Again, this will make it so it’s unlikely that you bring home any harmful germs from the store. It's very important to bring insulated cooler bags along on your trip, for you’ll need them to store perishable items like milk, ice cream, and frozen fruits and vegetables.

  1. Only Buy Essentials

With the current pandemic significantly restricting how much shoppers are able to purchase in one trip, it's important for individuals to not panic shop and stock up on things they don't need, anticipating that some cataclysmic event is going to happen in the future. Furthermore, hoarding may cause temporary shortages of products, and on the news virtually everyone has seen how toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, frozen vegetables, flour, and a handful of other products had vanished near overnight in some stores because shoppers panicked and rushed to buy these items.

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Shoppers must also be considerate when shopping in times like these, for even if you have a lot of money to spend on groceries and consumer goods, there are many others out there who don’t, and those who have should think about those who have not in this instance. Furthermore, with money being tight in a lot of households, it’s particularly wise for individuals to spend money only on food items that are considered necessities. Essentials like produce, grains, protein, and things that can be used to make multiple meals should be purchased. Canned goods that don't perish are also going to be essential at a time like this.

  1. Wipe Down Your Shopping Cart and Wear Gloves

“Safety first” should be the principle which guides your shopping habits in the current climate. When you go to get your shopping cart, it’s important to have disinfecting wipes and/or a sanitizing cloth ready, for these can be used to wipe down the cart and ensure that there are no germs on it when you're using it. A lot of stores are putting wipe dispensers near the front of their stores, where shopping carts usually are located, and these disinfecting wipes can also be used to wash down your retail shopping bags (if you're allowed to bring these inside).

Also, it’s recommended to wear gloves when you do the majority of your shopping, for you want to limit how much you touch surfaces that could have been exposed to harmful bacteria, chemicals, or viruses. As it was said earlier, when you're transporting goods from the store into your vehicle, it’s wise to have items like insulated cooler lunch bags and collapsible bags ready so you can store things without coming into contact with exposed surfaces.

  1. Use Mall Maps to Expedite Shopping Mall Trips

Carrying a personal mall map is totally recommended, for the large ones most malls include are typically difficult to read; furthermore, you can’t spend the time it takes to process a large map. You could very well spend half your mall trip just trying to locate the store you’re looking to shop at (if you’re not prepared).

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If you can get your hands on a pocket-sized mall map, you should do your best to keep this item in good condition. Or, if you're an individual who thinks technology is more ideal, you can download a small map on your phone and study it before your trip. Again, the goal is to limit how much time you spend in the stores. Small maps are best friends to those who shop with speed as priority number one, and you should not enter a mall without one.

  1. Lightweight Retail Shopping Bags Are Still Ideal

There are many lightweight bags out there that are ideal for retail shopping, but the foldable retail shopping bags are regarded by many to be the best. Because these bags can fold up when not being used, they’re easy to carry around the mall, either under the arm or in another bag. Shoppers do not want to be dragged down by heavy shopping bags, and such is why they prefer those bags that are lightweight. These premium bags from online shopping, for example, are both lightweight and stylish.

Where to Get Shopping Essentials That’ll Make Your Shopping Trips a Breeze

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