Why Paper Bags are Starting to be More Popular Than Plastic Bags

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Paper bags are often overlooked. They have been seen as an alternative option for carrying items, but plastic bags are more popular because they are cheaper to manufacture and use. However, paper is starting to make a comeback against plastic because of environmental concerns and sustainability issues. Paper gift bags offer an eco-friendly alternative that may be worth considering!

1. Paper Bags are Strong

Paper bags can hold all types of items that you would otherwise trust only for plastic bags. Custom kraft paper bags can transport meats, produce, canned goods, and even gifts. Most paper gift bags can hold paper items without tearing or creasing easily. This makes them more durable than weak paper sacks - they will not need to be replaced as frequently! 

2. Paper Bags are Eco-Friendly

One paper bag can almost always be recycled as much as needed - this reduces the amount of paper you would need for your daily commute. However, those who soak oils and food into the paper will not be able to recycle their paper. In these instances, though, the bags can still be decomposed and used for a greater purpose. 

3. Paper Bags are More Sustainable

Paper bags can be recycled many times before the fibers become too weak, which means paper bag production does not contribute to deforestation. In addition, since paper is biodegradable, you can always be sure that it won't go to waste, even if improperly disposed of. When compared to plastic, which is not biodegradable and can fill up oceans and natural parks, it is clear that paper bags are a much more sustainable bagging option to support. 

4. Paper Bags are More Versatile

Custom paper bags can be used for a variety of purposes, especially when compared to plastic. Paper is incredibly customizable, and custom kraft paper bags are becoming more popular than ever! With the ability to buy custom paper gift bags on demand, you have complete control over your design from start to finish.

5. Paper Bags are Cost-Effective

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Although paper bags may sometimes be more expensive on a per-unit basis, they can save you money in the long run. If paper bags are reused after their purchase, it will be cheaper to buy paper instead of plastic simply because it is reusable and recyclable. You also won't need to replace your custom kraft paper bags as often.

6. Paper Bags are Biodegradable

As we mentioned above briefly, there will be a point where you want to dispose of your paper bags. There are two choices, recycle or put them in compost. When paper bags become too old to use, composting them is usually the best option. This means that paper is a much more versatile option when it comes to disposing - it will not be left in the ground or oceans for hundreds of years like some plastics! You don't need to worry about paper waste when disposing of your bags. 

7. They Can Come With Strong Handles

One of the reasons that people like plastic bags is that they are much easier to carry. However, paper bags can come with solid handles that are just as reliable! Paper gift bags will be able to withstand the weight of your items without tearing or getting droopy in areas - paper is much stronger than plastic when it comes down to it! For best results, get custom kraft paper bags from a reliable source of top-quality bags such as Prime Line Retail

8. Easy to Store

Paper bags are often easier to store than plastic. Since paper is thin, lightweight, and durable, you can easily roll up paper gift bags in a matter of seconds! If your custom kraft paper bags come rolled, it will be even easier for storage. You won't have to worry about losing any bag's handles when rolling them up - fold them up, and you're all set!

9. Paper Bags Are Great for Customization

Custom paper bags can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences. You will have the option of choosing paper colors, bag sizes, and more! Paper is incredibly customizable - it's much easier than trying to find a plastic bag that matches your design interests. 

10. Paper Bags Look Great

Whether paper bags come in many colors or are printed with your custom design, paper gift bags will always look great. Even if you choose paper that isn't the most elegant color, it is still considered an upgrade from plastic! You won't have to worry about weird colors when going for paper over plastic - paper has come a long way in the past decade.

11. Save Energy!

When products are disposed of, the waste management team will need to spend energy to clean them up. This will often be considered "diverting" the garbage, but it can still rack up energy costs! When paper bags are recycled or composted, you can help save energy and contribute less waste as a whole. 

12. Certain Paper Bags are Washable!

If you buy your customer kraft paper bags from a source like Prime Line Retail, you can purchase paper products that are so strong and durable that they can even be washed! This is a great way to make full use of your money and use your paper bags for years! 

Ready to Buy Some Paper Bags? 

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The paper bag industry is starting to boom again, and now is the perfect time for paper bags. They are eco-friendly, versatile, robust - they can be used in nearly any occasion or event you need them for! If you're looking for custom kraft paper bags with printing options that will give your brands a boost, consider buying your bags with Prime Line Retail!