Why You Should Use Paper Bags in the Food Industry

More and more states are banning plastic bags and for good reason. So far, eight states have banned plastic bags, with California being the first in 2014. Some cities are close behind, even if they haven’t banned plastic bags outright yet, they are putting restrictions on plastic bags with plans to phase them out in the future.

In some cases, businesses have a 10-cent charge for every plastic bag used. That charge is usually passed onto the customer. While 10-cents doesn’t seem like a lot by itself, it can really add up after a while. If you have 10 plastic bags in one order, that adds up to $1.

However, if you have the same amount every week, with 52 weeks in a year, that is an extra $52 you are missing out on just because of the plastic bags. What could you do with an extra $52 a year? Would you buy some more of your favorite coffee? What about treating yourself to a nice dinner? You could put it away for the future as well. Either way, paying a 10-cent plastic bag fee is not a necessity when you have paper bags as an option.

plastic bag laying on the ground

Since many cities and states are banning plastic bags, or imposing fines for using them, it is time to look at the alternative — kraft paper bags with handles. These brown paper bags come in all shapes and sizes so they are perfect for any business. The bags can handle greasy takeout or fresh vegetables from the market. They are sturdy and durable no matter what you put inside of them. Let’s take a look at some other reasons the restaurant industry is switching to kraft paper bags.

Perfect for Takeout

Plastic bags rip easily, but paper bags — not so much. Custom kraft paper bags are perfect for carrying fried food, popcorn, heavy takeout containers, and snacks. They come in all sizes so no matter how much food, or how little food, your customer orders there is a paper bag in just the right size.

Optimize Your Packaging

Are you currently using bags that are too big or too small for your items? All that extra space is just a waste. It also looks bad for your company. When you have the right size paper bags, your customers know how much care and pride you take in your company. The right size products create an air of professionalism as well.

Keep Fresh Food Fresh

Paper bags are durable and cheaper when compared to plastic bags. Furthermore, when you want to keep your spices, tea, coffee, cookies, and candy fresh for a longer time then paper bags are the way to go.

custom kraft paper bag with handles


Kraft brown paper bags are recyclable and made from recycled products. When you or your customer throws the bags away, the bag is biodegradable so your company will have a smaller carbon footprint.

Since paper bags are so durable, they are commonly reused for different purposes. One of the most common uses is for gift bags. After your customer purchases their food or takeout, the bag can be decorated and gifted to the next person. The kraft bag is customizable and comes in many colors.

If they decide not to use it as a gift bag, the kraft paper bag can be used to carry leftovers to work, school, or other events.

Save the Animals

Plastic bags and other plastic debris are some of the reasons sea creatures die. Plastic bags get wrapped around their necks, get into their stomach, or get stuck in their throats. Every year, 100 million marine animals die from plastic waste in the ocean. Those are just the animals we know about. There could be many more animals that are suffering who are never found.

Do your part in taking care of the environment and saving the animals by switching to paper bags.

Bottle Bags

Need a bag for wine, liquor, or other drinks? Plastic bags have handles that risk breaking. If the handles break, then the bottle inside the bag breaks. Broken bottles are not ideal, especially if you purchased an expensive bottle of wine.

Paper kraft bags with handles are durable so they can handle heavier products like liquor and wine bottles. Best of all, your customer can easily tie a bow on top and give it as a gift.


When you are choosing between paper bags and plastic bags, take note of the price. Paper bags tend to be cheaper, especially for what they have to offer. You and your customers will get a few uses out of your paper bags, so the cost goes down substantially the more you reuse your bag. Oftentimes, paper bags come at wholesale prices, which makes them an even more affordable option.

Promote Your Brand

Need more advertising? Custom kraft paper bags have you covered. Choose colors that go with your brand and also choose the size and specifications. There are many options to choose from so you are sure to find something that fits your style.

When you give the bag to your customer, they carry that bag in public, which gives you even more brand exposure. Furthermore, if they reuse the bag to gift products to friends and family, they will mention where they got the cute paper bag from. It gives you more exposure while providing an eco-friendly alternative to paper bags.

What do You Want Your Company Remembered For?

When you have the right, eco-friendly paper bags for your business, customers will notice. They will notice you care about the environment, are doing your part to reduce waste, and care about living sea creatures. Furthermore, when you have the right sized bags for your food service, your brand looks more professional and customers will take you seriously. An elegant paper bag will give your customers a positive impression before they even try your product. Make that impression count.