What Does Your Gift Wrapping Say About You?

Are you an expert gift wrapper? Or are you more of a last-minute gift wrapper? Do you completely skip wrapping presents and just shove them in a plastic bag?

How you wrap your presents can say a lot about you. We listed some of the most common gift wrapping techniques and paired them with personality traits. From messy to a perfectionist, check to see what your gift wrapping methods say about you.

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The Crafty Wrapper

Everybody has this friend. They are the crafty person, who creates everything from scratch and is extremely good at it. The crafty wrapper is the one on Pinterest, who we all aspire to be. They make crafting look so easy.

They spend maybe $50 on supplies and come out with a multitude of crafts, decorations, and personalized gifts. How do they do it? We have no idea.

If you are a crafty wrapper, it means you are creative, can easily improvise, and nothing slows you down. Don’t have an item? No problem, You will make it work. Need to create wrapping paper out of some twine and an old bedsheet? You make it look like it was wrapped by Martha Stewart herself.

The Expert Wrapper

You know what Christmas is truly about, who wrapped the nicest present that is sitting under the tree. Your presents have coordinating colors, bows, and accessories. Every corner is expertly crisp, and nothing is out of place. Did you mess up on a present? You rip off the paper and do it again. Your friends and family deserve nothing but the best.

Everyone knows which present is from you because of the paper it is wrapped in and the attention to detail given to the bows.

Obviously, you are a bit of a perfectionist, but this is how you show you care for your loved ones. They appreciate all the time, attention, and detail you put into gift wrapping because you devote that much attention to the relationships.

The Gift Bag Wrapper

Do you love giving presents in paper gift bags with handles? While it may seem like you are taking the easy way out, the truth is you are more efficient. Paper gift bags can be personalized, decorated, and are cost-efficient. If you are a gift bag wrapper it means you spend your time wisely while still being thoughtful of others.

In your friend group, you are the one who plans routes for road trips because you know what is most efficient. You are on top of everything because of your color-coordinated schedule, time management, and organizational skills.

The Messy Wrapper

You tend to use whatever you have lying around. This could be a cardboard box, a plastic bag, a laundry basket, the ideas are endless. At least you put it in something, right?

You are a bit disorganized and chaotic. This is the opposite of the expert and perfectionist wrappers. However, you tend to all be friends because opposites attract and you appreciate each other’s differences.

The I Forgot to Wrap Wrapper

Whoops! Forgot to wrap that present that has been sitting under the tree for a few weeks. You are probably a bit forgetful and flighty, but your friends understand. Don’t have any wrapping paper? No problem. You create your own.

Sure you use the plastic grocery shopping bags or the comics out of a newspaper from the 90s, but at least it’s wrapped. What about the tape? Again, improvise. Glue, masking tape, duct tape, and as a last resort gum will do.

You may be a disheveled mess but your friends and family love you.

The Perfectionist Wrapper

Similar to the expert wrapper, you like to wrap your presents just so. You know exactly where all your wrapping paper, bows, accents, garlands, and anything else you need to dress up gifts are located.

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If someone offers to help wrap presents you politely turn them down because they don’t wrap just so. Their corners are crooked, the bow is off-center, and they write the name of the giftee on the present itself — instead of the nice gift tags which you spend an hour picking out.

It’s okay. Your friends and family know you are a perfectionist in real life as well. You like things to be where they are supposed to and nothing in your home is out of place.

The Eco-Friendly Wrapper

You like to reuse and recycle anything you find to keep things out of the landfill. This could include old newspapers from years ago or brown kraft paper bags that are made from recycled material.

When visiting friends or family you educate them about the $12.7 billion spent on wrapping paper every year and most of that ends up in the landfill.

The Personalized Wrapper

You are thoughtful, caring, and empathetic. Every gift you wrap for friends or family members are personalized, unique, and original. You put a lot of time into wrapping each gift to show just how much that person means to you.

When you have to personalize gifts for a lot of people, you buy paper gift bags wholesale. This way, you can save money while creating the perfect gift bag. When designing the bag, you take into consideration the person's likes or dislikes, their culture or heritage, and things that are important to them. You are one of the most empathetic people out there.

What is Your Method?

No matter what wrapping method you use, just remember it is the thought that counts. Whether you are a giver or receiver of a gift, just know that the person on the other side put a lot of thought and care into creating the masterpiece, no matter how perfect or messy it may look.