Cool Slogans for Your Custom Bag

Are you printing custom bags for a special event? There is no better way to celebrate the occasion than with custom kraft paper bags for each person. After creating the custom bag, and before the event, stuff the bags with goodies that you know your friends and family members will love.

If you are not sure what to put on the front of your custom bag, consider adding sayings or slogans for a more personal touch. They can easily fit on reusable shopping bags or custom totes and can be used as a theme for the gettogether.

Small Business Slogans

Now more than ever it is important to shop local, small businesses. Shopping local helps the local economy, aids the community, and inspires others in the area to do the same. Whether you own a mom and pop shop, or you are looking to open one soon, think about slogans you can add to enhance your business.

small business sign slogan

BYOB: Be Your Own Boss

A spin on the old “bring your own beer.” If you run a business coaching others this is a good slogan to put on your reusable bags.

Think Big. Shop Small.

This slogan goes well with any small business. Putting it on a custom bag will remind others that local businesses are here and ready to help.

When You Buy From a Small Business . . .

. . . an Actual Person Does a Little Happy Dance

Bonus if you do the happy dance when the customer purchases from your small business.

Dream. Plan. Do.

If you are looking to inspire others, this simple slogan is a good reminder to keep dreaming.

Quiz Bowl Sayings

Do you have a quiz bowl group that hangs out every week? Stand out from the other teams with custom t-shirts, bags, or hats. If you need a prize to give out at the end of the game, consider a custom reusable shopping bag. Not sure what saying to put on it? That’s okay, we have you covered.

Think first, buzz fast

What better way to commemorate a quiz bowl than with this catchy phrase? It is small enough to fit on hats but adjustable enough to fit on custom bags.

I came, I buzzed, I conquered

This saying should be on the team t-shirt. What better way to commemorate the Quiz Bowl than by a saying playing off the famous “I came, I saw, I conquered” by Julius Caesar. 

Quiz Bowl: Almost as good as Puppy Bowl

Let’s be honest, nothing is better than the Puppy Bowl.

Being book smart is just the start

The Quiz Bowl takes brains, dedication, and talent. It is much more than being book smart. This slogan is perfect for custom shirts and bags.

Family Road Trip Sayings

Heading out with the family? Custom shirts, hats, bags, and other gear are becoming the norm so families can easily identify each other while on vacation. Not only will your kids and relatives love the vacation, but they will also love the custom souvenir that came with it.

Are we there yet?

As someone who constantly asks this on road trips, this is just the perfect saying for custom gear. 

family road trip

Life with family is a trip.

Because it is, in more ways than one. While we may love our families, they do test our patience from time to time. When we go on vacation, it does seem like we get more than we bargained for.

Dad got us lost again.

To go with this, “Dad won’t stop and get directions.” How many times has your father, mother, or guardian gotten you lost on a road trip? If they get you lost on a road trip, they should wear this slogan for the next five trips as penance for getting lost or not following directions. 

Oh, the places we’ll go. 

If you love Dr. Seuss, you will get this quote. It is from one of Dr. Seuss’s more famous books with the same title. It is a book about life’s journey and challenges. 

I went on a family road trip and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

What else would you expect to get on a road trip? But it really is kind of cute.

Friendcation Slogans

Friendcations are the best. If you have a girls weekend, a guys weekend, or a getaway with the whole crew, you need some custom gear to remember the occasion. 

Good times and tan lines

Perfect for a trip with the girls to the beach. If it is spring break, or just a weekend getaway, a custom t-shirt or bag with this slogan will definitely pull the trip together.

Friendcations: Like a vacation with more fun

This is so true. A vacation with friends is something special that should be treasured forever. It really doesn’t matter where you go. As long as you’re with friends, you are having a great time.

Reunited and it feels so good

Are you having a friend reunion? Sometimes our lives get so busy we need to have reunions to catch up. Hand out custom picture frames with this slogan so your friends can take them home and add pictures from the occasion.


What happens on friendcation, stays on friendcation

A clever take on the Las Vegas slogan. Let’s be honest, we really don’t want our friencation secrets getting out.

Bridal Shower Sayings

Are you or your friend getting married soon? These clever bridal shower sayings are a great way to say thank you to all your friends that helped pull the day together.

Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After

This one is perfect for custom bags, picture frames, t-shirts, or even a custom embroidered robe for the bride’s big day.

He Put a Ring On It

If you are having a Beyonce themed shower, you need this slogan. It’s a clever take on her song “Single Ladies.”

Slogans & Sayings

Whether you are handing out custom kraft paper bags for gift bags, custom reusable shopping bags, or custom tote bags, there are slogans and sayings for every occasion.