Take Your Gift Basket to the Next Level

Take Your Gift Basket to the Next Level

Are you putting together a gift basket for a family member, friend, or coworker? Sometimes it is hard to know where to start when putting together gifts. We make it easy for you by breaking down the steps so you can create an eye-catching gift in a short amount of time.

When are Gift Baskets Appropriate?

Gift baskets are so versatile that you can give them to celebrate an event, as a gift during the holidays, or to show appreciation for a coworker. 

If your friend or a family member has recently given birth, a gift basket is appropriate. Fill the bag with gifts for the baby and the new mother. Don’t forget to add some self-care items for the new mother so she can rejuvenate while her body heals. 

A wedding basket full of gifts for both the bride and groom is sure to stand out. Get creative and add some of their favorite foods for them to enjoy after a long day of wedding activities. You could also add a special bottle of wine to commemorate the occasion. 

paper gift bags with handles

Both kids and adults enjoy holiday gift baskets. Creating a holiday gift basket provides the theme for you, so add some coordinating colors, special treats, and a couple of gifts, and your basket is ready to go. Easter is the perfect holiday to create a gift bag for the kids. Fill the basket with Easter eggs, candy, and themed toys. The toys could be stuffed bunnies, easter themed books, or gift cards to their favorite store. A Christmas themed basket could have hot chocolate, a favorite Christmas movie, and warm fuzzy slippers. There are many possibilities when it comes to creating holiday gift baskets.

Now that you have an idea of when to use gift baskets, let’s talk about how to make them.

Choose Your Container

The first thing is to choose a container that will create the foundation of your gift basket. This could be anything from a traditional basket to a decorative box to paper gift bags with handles. You can think out of the box and use a baking pan as a container for newlyweds. Another option is a bassinet for a new mother. There are many possibilities, so don’t think it has to be a container designed just for gifts.

The container will depend on what you want to put in it. Remember to use a sturdier container for heavier gifts. Lighter gifts sit well in paper gift bags

Pick a Theme

Holidays are an easy theme. However, if you are giving a gift for a different reason then it is a good idea to pick a theme. A theme to the gift basket will help you plan all your gift purchases. Some theme ideas include:

  • Cozy Night at Home
  • Family Game Night
  • Welcome Back
  • Crush Finals
  • I’m Sorry
  • For Book Club
  • Pamper Mom
  • Outdoor Adventures

gift basket full of chocolate

The theme will depend on why you are giving the gift. For example, if you and a friend are fighting and you want to apologize, then an “I’m Sorry” gift basket would be perfect. “Family Game Night” is perfect as a housewarming gift. “For Book Club” is a nice thank you gift to the person who hosts the book club.

Coordinate Colors

After picking your theme, choose colors that go with the theme. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, pick out two or three colors that will be the bows, bags, and other accessories for the gift basket.

Add Volume

To add volume to your bag or basket, add crumpled up paper, styrofoam, or another material to boost the goods off the bottom of the bag. If you have extra brown kraft paper bags lying around from previous projects, fold them into squares then place them in the bottom of the basket. This extra volume will make your gifts stand out and make your gift basket look more elegant.

Add Shred

Shred cushions your gifts, so don’t skip this step. Put the shred in the basket and make sure to tuck it into all the small areas. This will fill the bag while keeping gifts from banging together. Shred is sold in craft stores or you can make your own with a pair of scissors. If you decide to make your own, just cut up some old tissue paper, colored paper, or old gift bags into strips.

Assemble Products

Now that your volume and shred are in place, it is time to add your gift products. This part is all about presentation. Put the taller items in the bag and the smaller items upfront. Arrange the gifts so you can at least see a little bit of each one. If you need to, adjust the shred to make some items appear taller to create an overall aesthetic to the gift basket.

Secure the Gifts

The gifts should be all assembled and nicely in place, so you want to keep them that way. Transparent wrap (cellophane wrap) is how you keep the gifts from falling out of place while you transport them. Make sure the wrap is large enough to wrap around the entire bag or basket. Once the gifts are wrapped in cellophane, gather all the extra at the top and secure it in place. Use a twist tie to temporarily keep in place while you get ready to add a bow or topper.

Finish with a Topper 

A bow, ornament, or other toppers can now be added to the top of your gift basket. Match your topper with the theme of your basket. For example, if it is a Christmas theme, top the bag off with a Christmas ornament. If it is a gift for a new mom, use a small rattle to put the finishing touches on the bag. If you want to add a little extra flair, add a bow then secure the topper to the bow. Choose satin ribbon to make the bow as this will make the gift look elegant.