Unique Gifts for Your Friends and Family This Holiday Season

Unique Gifts for Your Friends and Family This Holiday Season

Are you buying the same presents for your friends and family year after year? Eventually, your nephew is going to grow out of blocks. Your mother can only have so many sweaters until her closet is full. And your sister is probably sick of a last-minute gift card.

Still don’t know what to get? We solve your holiday gift problems by providing you with unique ideas to surprise your loved ones.

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For Mom

Whether for your mom, grandmother, or sister who just became a new mother, a necklace with everyone’s name on it will put a smile on their face. You can choose from a gold or silver chain with the names written in script-writing. It is both elegant and heartwarming.

For Dad

If your dad drinks whiskey or another kind of hard liquor, get him freezable glasses. The frozen glasses keep the whisky cold for up to two hours. If your dad isn’t a whiskey drinker, get him an insulated mug to keep his coffee warm for the cool winter mornings.

For Kids

If you are buying for younger kids, say 12 and under, an activity is a good idea. A face mask tie-dye kit is just the thing to make their mask unique to their personality. Kits come with everything you need, including gloves, masks, and tie-dye colors.

Another cool present is a 3D dinosaur light. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? This is perfect for both boys and girls. The T-rex light changes colors and is small enough to sit on their desk at home. Personalize this gift by wrapping it in a brown kraft paper bag and decorate the outside with dinosaur stickers, stencils, or drawings. 

How about a coding robot? There are models aimed toward younger kids, such as five and older, as well as models aimed at older kids, such as seven to 10. The version for younger kids helps to minimize screen time because it can function without being paired with a tablet or smartphone. 

Does your child like mazes? Have they ever tried a gravity maze? Yes, it looks as hard as it sounds. It is a series of blocks and a marble that uses gravity to create a spatial problem-solving maze in a unique format. Every challenge starts with a starting point, an endpoint, and the pieces needed for the task. Your child has to fill in the middle to get the marble from start to finish. It is designed for kids eight and over.

For Girls

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is a book series about women who changed the world. You can purchase one or a complete set of five. Some featured women in the series include Amelia Earheart, Rhianna, and Gloria Estefan. The stories are a short read as they are only one page long.

For Boys

Does your kid or nephew like to draw? Get them to draw their own comic in a notebook. The empty notebook has blank pages filled with comic book panels so he can draw his favorite superheroes, or make up his own. You can find the notebooks with 100 pages, with each page divided into comic book panels for hours of storytelling fun.

For Her

Do you have a best friend, sister, or mother who just gets you? A soul sister bracelet is just the thing to show how much you appreciate her. The bracelet comes in rose gold, silver, or gold. It is stainless steel so it is adjustable to the size of her wrist.

Want to give perfume or a fragrance but don’t know what kind she will like? A sample set is just what you need. Some places sell sample sets that include small, travel size fragrances of popular fragrances. That way, she can try them all and choose which one she likes best.

For Him

Do you know a man who loves to grill? A subscription box is a perfect gift. You can choose how many months it is delivered, from three, six, or ninth months. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

A bluetooth beanie is just what your man needs. Not only will the hat keep his head warm, but the bluetooth enabled knit lets them listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and music. Calls can also be answered through the beanie hands-free.

Ultra Unique Gifts

A women’s waterproof rain hat, also known as a hairbrella, is a popular unique choice for women. It is designed to keep curls intact no matter how humid or rainy it is. The bill of the hat extends far over your face to keep your face from getting wet as well. The hat also has over the ear flaps to protect your headphones (and keep your ears warm) on those cold, drizzly days.

Do you have a friend who is always borrowing your charger or always has a dead phone? Get them a charging cord bracelet. Yet, that is a real thing. The power cord is disguised as a leather bracelet. If you didn’t know beforehand, you would just think the bracelet is a stylish braided faux leather band.

Is a family member or friend obsessed with true crime documentaries? Have they always wanted to solve a crime? Get them the Murder Mystery Game. The cases are not based on real cases, but there are 50 pieces of fake evidence and documents to test your friend’s crime-solving skills.

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Still Undecided?

If you went through the list and nothing stood out, try making your own gift basket. Get a few small packages of goodies, put them inside paper gift bags with handles, tie a ribbon around the top, and you are good to go. Mix it up with their favorite snacks, self-care items, and something nice to drink.

Gifts Your Family Will Love

There are many unique ideas, find the one your friends or family will love. When you find the perfect gift, personalize it by decorating brown paper kraft bags. See what bags are available today.