Father's Day Gift Ideas

wireless headphones

Now that Mother’s Day is over, it is time to get a head start on Father’s Day. What does the man in your life want? Men are hard to shop for, which is why we put together a list of gift ideas to make Father’s Day shopping easier for you.

When you wrap the gift, personalize the gift bag by using brown kraft paper bags. They come in all sizes and are sturdy enough for heavier gifts. The handles are reinforced so they won’t rip when you pick up the bag. Fill it with tissue paper, the gift, and decorate the outside for a personalized touch.

No matter what type of dad you have, you are sure to find something on this list that is perfect for your father, stepfather, grandpa, father-in-law, husband, or any other special man in your life.

Wireless Charger

Does the man in your life steal your charger? Or does he always complain about losing his? Get him a wireless charger. It can charge his headphones, smartwatch, phone, and anything else you can think of. Most wireless chargers cost about $20 to $30, so this is a good option if you’re on a budget.

wireless headphones

Cooling Pint Glasses

If your dad, stepfather, or father-in-law loves cold drinks then they will love cooling pint glasses. To keep the drink cold, put the glasses in the freezer until you’re ready to pour soda or beer in it. They’ll never have to worry about their drinks getting warm again.

Beer Subscription

Get a monthly beer subscription to go with the cooling pint glasses. The subscriptions are available for quarterly, bimonthly, or monthly shipments. You can choose between 12 or 24 craft beers. This gift will keep on giving long after Father’s Day.

A Book of Dad Jokes

Dads never run out of dad jokes, but there are always more he can crack. A book of dad jokes is just what your dad needs. He will have more jokes in his joke bank so you won’t have to keep hearing the same ones over and over again.

Personalized Microfiber Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

If the man in your life wears glasses, get them a personalized microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth. They come in all different colors and you can even choose what they say. Some clever slogans include:

  • World’s Best Father
  • I Keep all my Dad Jokes in a Dad-a-Base
  • My Favorite People Call Me Papa
  • It’s Not a Dad Bod It’s a Father Figure
  • I’m Not Old I’m a Classic
  • Dad. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.
  • Nacho Average Dad

Meat Tenderizer

Does the man in your life love to barbeque or cook on the grill? Get him a meat tenderizer. It softens the fibers of the mean, which makes it easier to chew. The tenderizer also allows the marinade to soak into the meat better.

Beer Preserver

If you’re regularly on a boat or spend your time near water, get your man a beer preserver. It’s like a beer koozie, except shaped like a life preserver. Not only does it keep the beer cold, but it will keep it floating if the beer happens to fall over the side of the boat.

Coffee Subscription

If beer isn’t your dad’s thing, then consider a coffee subscription. Once you sign him up, he takes a quiz to find the best blend for his coffee maker and his taste buds. Your dad can then choose the grind setting, coffee, and how often they want it delivered.

spilled coffee beans

Smart Watch

There are so many smartwatches to choose from, such as the traditional Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch. If your man is more of a fitness buff, choose a fitness smartwatch like the Fitbit Versa 3. If they like to hike and explore the outdoors, get a Garmin GPS smartwatch. There are so many smartwatches available you are sure to find the right one.

Movie Scratch-Off Poster

Movie night will no longer be spent trying to figure out what to watch. The scratch-off movie poster will give you your answer. Each square has a Hollywood classic, such as Casablanca, Jaws, and Pulp Fiction.

Scotch-Infused Toothpicks

Yes, these are actually a thing. No longer does your dad or grandfather have to use bland toothpicks, they can now use scotch-infused toothpicks. You can buy these toothpicks in a set, with each bottle containing 12 toothpicks. The total set has four bottles, for a total of 48 toothpicks.

Beard Care Kit

Beards need care too, just like the rest of the man’s body. A beard care kit will have your man’s beard looking smooth, soft, and silky. Most beard kits include a brush, comb, shampoo, oil, and conditioner.

Red Prayer Plant

Men love plants too. Get your man a Red Prayer Plant. These have dark green leaves with a light green center and red vines. While they are native to rainforests in Brazil, they are also hardy plants. They can live without light and are low maintenance. Best of all, they are non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Dad Hoodie

Men carry a lot of stuff in their pockets. Since they don’t have purses, they tend to run out of room. Not anymore when you order the dad hoodie. This hoodie has lots of inside pockets to hold snacks, wipes, wallets, phones, toys, and anything else he needs. It is also extremely comfortable to wear.

Personalized Cutting Board

If your man loves to cook, get him a personalized cutting board. Whether he is cooking a family meal or carving the Thanksgiving turkey, he will love his personalized cutting board. When you give it to him, put it in a reusable shopping bag. This way, he can shop with bad, help the environment, and cook a good meal all with one gift.

Best Father’s Day Gifts

From beer subscriptions to coffee subscriptions to plants, there is something on the list for everyone’s father, stepfather, grandfather, or father-in-law. When you need gift bags, check out Prime Line Retail to put the finishing touches on the presents.