Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Mom in Your Life

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Mom in Your Life

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so you are probably wondering what to get the mother, grandmother, or special woman in your life. We have some ideas for you. Whether you are a DIYer, want to make crafts with the kids, or just want last-minute gift ideas, we have many options for you.

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DIY Gift Bags with Goodies

DIY gift bags are made with reusable shopping bags or custom tote bags. If you really want to surprise your loved one, get their name or “mom” stitched on the front of the bag. This makes it more personalized and shows you put thought into the gift.

Custom tote bags and reusable shopping bags come in many sizes and colors. Find your loved one’s favorite color and start building the bag.

Inside the bag put a plush, soft robe. Pair this with a silk eye mask and comfy slippers to make the set complete. When she gets out of the bathtub, she will feel relaxed and comfortable with her new clothing.

When it comes to self-care, show your mom you’re thinking about them by adding a quartz roller. A quartz roller is a trendy facial roller that calms puffiness, improves skin tone, and enhances the elasticity of the face. Keep the roller in the refrigerator overnight and use it with a small amount of serum or moisturizer in the morning. Roll the roller from the center of the face toward the ears. Next, roll it downward toward the jawline. Repeat over your entire face twice a day.

To go with the roller, add gold under-eye gel masks. These masks reduce puffiness and inflammation under the eyes. They also smooth and tighten wrinkles. The gold masks typically have colloidal gold in them, which heals damaged skin. When used regularly, eye masks will improve the overall structure of the skin.

For the fitness-focused mom, get a Fitbit. Whether she works from home, is a stay-at-home mom, or heads to the office, she will like a Fitbit to track her exercise and steps. Pair the Fitbit with a trendy water bottle so she can stay hydrated on the go.

Treat Bags

Do you want to make treat bags for your mom or grandmother this year? They are easy to make and a great way to personalize your gift. All you need is brown kraft paper bags or custom kraft paper bags to get started. For the embellishments, get paper flowers and raffia. You will also need scissors and a hot glue gun to complete this project.

To get started, wrap the raffia around the bag and glue it in place. Make sure to glue the raffia on each side of the bag so it stays secure. If you want to do something a little different, tie a large bow out of raffia and glue it into the middle of the bag. Either one you choose, you will glue a small paper flower embellishment in the middle of the raffia on the front of the bag. If you want to add more embellishments, go for it. Use your imagination to decorate the bag with whatever you have in your craft box.

Once your treat bag is ready, fill it with goodies your mom or the woman in your life loves. Treats include chocolate, wine, seasoning packets, self-care items, or anything else you think your mom will love.

Homemade Gift Projects

Are you looking for easy DIY projects you and your kids can make? One of the easiest projects is a coconut lime sugar scrub. Not only does it smell amazing, but it exfoliates and softens the skin. All you need is some coconut oil, granulated white sugar, essential lime oil, and shredded coconut.

Melt ¼ coconut oil in the microwave. Mix in one cup of sugar until it is fully mixed. Add one tablespoon of shredded coconut and six drops of essential lime oil. Mix well. This makes one cup of coconut lime scrub. You can tailor it to your liking by adding more or less of the essential lime oil.

DIY gift magnets are a fun craft project you can do with older kids, such as eight and up. You will need magnets from a craft store, a mounting board, glue, brushes, and photos printed out. Make sure the pictures are small or large enough, depending on the size of the magnets.

Cut the pictures to the size you want them to be for the magnets. Glue them on the mounting board and wait for them to dry. Cut out the pictures with the mounting board backing. You should now have a bunch of small or medium size pictures that will be your magnets. Glue magnets to the back to finish the project.

Short on Time Gifts

Did you wait until the last minute and now you don’t have time to make a gift or customize a project? Don’t worry, we have ideas for you too.

A Happy Mother’s Day candle is always a good idea. Find a good-smelling candle that has the sentiment on it and your mother will appreciate the thought.

Is your loved one into sparkling water? Get a sparkling water maker so she can make her very own at home. They come in chic colors, it is easy to use, and she will be happy her favorite beverage is always at her fingertips.

A faux fur blanket is just what your mom needs to stay cozy on the couch. They come in many colors and designs. Wrap the blanket up and give it in a reusable shopping bag for double the gifts.

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Mother’s Day Gifts

Create a gift bag with brown paper kraft bags or a reusable shopping bag. Add your mom’s favorite items and you are good to go. If you’re short on time, pick up a couple of items from the store and your mom will still appreciate the thought.