How to Organize Your Cleaning Closet

spray cleaner and paper towel

The cleaning closet is often overlooked because it is a utility closet. Even if you don’t see what it is inside often, or use it every day, it is important to have an organized cleaning closet. When your cleaning supplies are organized, it is much easier to get chores done. You won’t waste time looking around the house for the right spray or sponge. Instead, everything will be categorized and ready to go when you need it.

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Repurposed Plastic Boxes

Do you have a bunch of plastic retail shopping bags laying around? Repurpose plastic file boxes to hold your bags and keep them out of the way. Drill a couple of holes into the file box and mount it on the wall in your cleaning closet.

The boxes are pretty inexpensive and it is a project that can be finished in just a few minutes. Once your box is hung, put all your plastic retail shopping bags in the box so you can easily grab one when you need it.

Use Divided Bins

Divided bins easily hold light bulbs, batteries, cleaning essentials, and other small items in your cleaning closet. When everything is sorted into a correct bin, you will know exactly where it is when you look in your closet. Your life will be much easier and cleaning will go smoother.

Hang Tools on the Door

The back of the door has lots of space to hold brooms, mops, and dustpans. Hang a clamp-style rack on the back of your door so you can easily access the items when you open the door. For extra space, mount small holders next to the clamp-style rack to hold swiffer rags or sponges.

Hooks are Your Friend

On the side of your closet, mount hooks on the wall. Small hooks can hold rubber gloves, small brushes, and dusters. The side of your closet is a large, unused space that has the potential to hold lots of items.

The hooks are great for holding reusable shopping bags as well. Put the hoots as high or as low as you need. Before you head out the door, grab your reusable shopping bag and do your part in helping to save the planet.

Clean Floor

Chances are things collect on the bottom of your floor in your cleaning closet. Clear off the bottom of the floor. Organize the items in their appropriate spots in the closet. Next, put an adhesive paper or a cabinet liner on the floor. The liner will be easy to clean, won’t collect dirt, and it will give the closet a more organized feel.

Lightweight Items on the Top

Store lightweight items and things you use regularly on the top shelf. Good things to store on the top shelf include:

  • Empty buckets
  • Rags
  • Paper Towels
  • Empty bins

Since the items are light, you won’t struggle to get them down. They are also at eye level so you can see what you need without searching the entire closet.

Cleaning Kits

Make kits for your cleaning. For example, put all of your dusting supplies in a bin or all of your bathroom cleaning supplies in a bin. When you are ready to clean, take out the bin and carry it around with you. That way, you have everything in one place and it is easy to carry. When you are done, put it back in the bin, place it in the closet, and it is ready for next time.

Repurpose Folder Holders

Folder holders are great for organizing your desk, but they also help with organizing your closet as well. Get a mesh folder bin and mount it either on the door or the wall of your closet. Once it is securely mounted, use it to organize your cleaning bottles. Label them so you know exactly what you are grabbing without having to search through all the bottles.

Shoe Organizer

If you don’t want to mount a clamp-style rack on the back of your door, then hang a shoe organizer. A shoe organizer on the back of your door will hold all of your cleaning supplies plus some. You know all those microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloths you have laying around? Store them in your shoe organizer so you know where they are.

Add a Cart

If you have extra room in your closet then add a cart on wheels. A cart allows you to easily take out and store away your supplies. Put the supplies you use most often on the cart, which could be dusters, paper towels, and cleaning sprays. Organize the cart with bins and holders to make organizing even easier.

Use a Pegboard

If your cleaning closet is getting full, add a pegboard on the wall next to it. Decorate the pegboard with patterned paper. Screw hooks into the board so you can securely hand brooms, mops, and dustpans. Get some mesh baskets to hang on the board as well. The baskets can hold cleaning supplies, paper towels, and rags.

Hanging Organizer

A hanging organizer is perfect for holding extra inside of your closet. The organizer hangs on the bar in your closet so you don’t need any special installation tools. Put light items on the top and heavier items on the bottom.

spray cleaner and paper towelMake Cleaning Easier

No one loves doing chores, but you can make doing them easier. Organizing your cleaning closet and putting your plastic shopping bags in place, hanging your reusable shopping bags, and separating cleaning supplies will make your life easier. You won’t have to search for missing items because everything will be labeled and easy to see when you open the door.